Welcome to 1/2 Ho!

Updates and Reminders
Below is a link for parents to read the monthly literacy newsletter from the school district. Please read the letter as it gives great strategies to help your child with learning to read. Thank you!

Below are instructions on how to add yourselves to our school remind program. It is a great way to stay in the loop with what is going on each day at Oriole Park!


We encourage parents to sign up for this free, convenient communication tool.  Remind sends out short text messages on behalf of École Oriole Park School to any smart phone device.  To sign up, text @oriol to (581) 222-9823.  You will receive a confirmation.  To remove yourself from the service, simply text @LEAVE.

Please click the link below to see a video informing parents about our new report cards!

Skating and the Cold Weather
As recommended by the District, our students stay indoors if the weather drops below -20 inclusive of wind chill.  These guidelines will also be taken into consideration during skating periods.  We refer to the Government of Canada Weather website for the current temperatures as it varies between websites.

**REMINDER**   Please drop off your students after 8:43am in the mornings. Supervision is only provided after this time.

Supervisors are on the playground and in the field at 8:43. Students are asked to wait outside and behind the school (where our supervisors can see them) until the bell rings in the morning. If you wish to wait with your child, please do so behind (as opposed to beside) the school. As you and your child become more comfortable, I encourage you to have them go and play with their friends in the morning!

*Please note that we are just starting to learn how to copy our messages from the board. This will take us some time so the messages are brief. Please see below for a better look at our agenda messages. Feel free to contact me anytime by email at shane.holder@rdpsd.ab.ca

Monday, June 25th

-OP talent show starts at 10:45am tomorrow! Parents are welcome to come watch.

Tuesday, June 26th

-Students will be dismissed at 2:25pm this Thursday!

Wednesday, June 27th

-Class pizza lunch tomorrow! Thank you Chase's parents!

Thursday, June 28th

-School is over for the year!! Have an awesome summer break!

Friday, June 29th


*Please check the agenda front pouch daily for handouts

**Remember to check our class webpage often to keep you in the loop

  • Wednesday, June 13 - All library books due back by this day! No more library exchange for the year after this date!
  • Thursday, June 14 - Volunteer tea for our parent volunteers.
  • Friday, June 15 - No school for students today. Staff learning day.
  • Tuesday, June 19 - Year end field trip to Discovery Wildlife Park!
  • Monday, June 25 - School wide field day and hot dog lunch for students!
  • Tuesday, June 26 School wide talent show from 10:45am-12:15pm and then more acts to perform from 1:15-2:45pm!
  • Wednesday, June 27 - Super kid lunch today for those students who won the draw!
  • Thursday, June 28 - Last school day of the year for students!! Please note students will be dismissed an hour early today at 2:25pm! Happy summer and thanks for a great year!!
 Please see below for different 
options of how parents can be involved. If one of these options excites you and
you would like to help out in 1/2 Ho, let me know via the agenda or class dojo. 
Please remember that parents need a criminal check done and handed into the 
school office in order to come help within the classroom. Thank you!
(1) Read with students
(2) Class technology projects
(3) Field trips
(4) Art projects on Friday's
(5) Putting up and taking down bulletin boards
(6) Skating in January