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Monday, Sept 24th.
  • B3 session on Orange T-Shirt Day.
  • Get books ready to bring back.

Tuesday, Sept 25th. 
  • Library today!

Wednesday, Sept 26th.
  • Field Trip Form for our Rocks and Minerals trip are due back today.

Thursday, Sept 27th.
  • Terry Fox Run at 2:15!
Friday, Sept 28th.
  • Orange T-Shirt Day

IXL This Week!

*IXL Math outcomes will be listed here throughout the year. Students are encouraged to work on the skills listed, at school and at home.

Outcomes This Week
Level D - I1, J1 and Y1

Outcomes Past Weeks
Level D - H3 and H5
Level D - H1, H2, H4
Level D - G1, G2, G3
Level D - M1, M2, M3
Level C - D1, D2, D3
Level D - E1, E2, E3
Level D - L7, L8, and L9

Healthy Hot Lunches
Click on the link below and sign up or enter your email and password to sign in and place your orders, view what you've ordered or see what's upcoming.  Dates and restaurants are below as well. 

Hot Lunch Schedule

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The Wilson Ways

Be Respectful

Be Responsible

Be Resilient

***Attention Parents***

I will be using "Remind" to send messages and stay in contact with parents this year.  Please text @269bg8 to the number               (587) 316-1578              

You will receive a welcome text from Remind.

BW Calendar


 A link to the Alberta Curriculum that breaks it down by grade.  

Alberta Curriculum