Welcome to Grade 4/5!

Daily Highlights

Monday November 12th

Monsieur Millward will be taking a leave of absence beginning today. Monsieur Jordan Simao will be taking over the reigns. Monsieur Simao is looking forward to working at OP and is ready to carry on and continue with what students have been learning and exploring so far.

  • SCHOOL PATROL TEAM THIS WEEK: Nobody this week from Monsieur Vincent's class
  • OPN Presenter of the week: Kayora

  • Tuesday November 13th - Mrs. Monteleone will be in class this morning to do a bread making activity with the students (Grade 5 Science - Chemistry: mixtures, reactions)
  • Wednesday November 14th - Grade 4 and 5 students will be spending the morning with Mrs. Baird's Kindergarten Class - a student leadership opportunity and experience: baking, guided reading.