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Monday, September 24

   -Reading:  p, pa, pe, pi, po, pu
   - writing: u

   -Math:  lundi: Using the 3 following numbers ONLY. (4-5-9) Write 2 addition sentences and 2 subtraction sentences.

   -Dictée :                                                                  


Tuesday, September 25
    -Reading: g, ga, go, gu

    - writing: g

    -Math: mardi: Jean has 5 pencils. Paul has 3 Pencils. How many pencils do they have in all?



Wednesday, September 26

     -Reading: f, fa, fe, fi, fo, fu

    -Writing: f

    -Math: mercredi: Write the following numbers in ascending order. (14-19-7-23-18) (From smallest to biggest)


Thursday, September 27
     -Reading: b, ba, be, bi, bo, bu

    -Writing: b

    -Math: jeudi: Alain had 8 pieces of paper. He wrote on 2 of them. Now, how many pieces of paper does Alain has left?


 Friday, September 28 

          -Reading: j, ja, je, ji, jo, ju

       -Writing: j

       -Math: vendredi: Draw 8 scissors. Colour the third one purple and the fifth one brown.


Please drop off your students after 8:43am in the mornings.  Supervision is only provided after this time

  • Sept 4- First Day of School "Welcome Back!!"
  • Sept 13- Terry Fox assembly at 1:30 followed by the run .
  • Sept 14- No school. Staff learning day.
  • Sept 17- Picture Day.
  • Sept 27- Hot lunch. Terry Fox Assembly.
  • Sept 28- Orange Shirt Day.

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