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Monday, December 10

   -Reading:  read-at-home book(do not forget to enter the reading minutes in the agenda.)

   - writing

   -Math:  lundi: Start with the number 5 and skip count by 5 up to number 20

   -Dictée :                                                                  


Tuesday, December 11
    -Reading: read-at-home book. 

    - writing

    -Math: mardi: The answer is 15. What is the question?



Wednesday, December 12

     -Reading:  read-at-home book.


    -Math: mercredi: There are 8 red candies in the bowl and 8 green candies. How many candies in all?


    ***Do not forget your library book for tomorrow***

Thursday, December 13 
     -Reading: read-at-home book.


    -Math: jeudi: Draw a pattern that follows the ABBC rule.


 Friday, December 14  

          -Reading:  reat-at-home book.


       -Math: vendredi: Lily put 9 cookies in a plate for Santa. Santa ate 3 cookies. How many cookies are left in the plate?


Please drop off your students after 8:43am in the mornings.  Supervision is only provided after this time

  • Dec 6- No School. Parent Teacher Conferences.
  • Dec 7- No School. Staff district learning day.
  • Dec 19- Hot Lunch.
  • Dec 20- Christmas Concert.
  • Dec 21- Early dismissal
  • Dec 22- Jan 6- Christmas break

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