Welcome to 1D!


Monday, June 5

-Reading: Read at home program

- Math:  lundi: Draw 10 squares. Colour the first blue and the last purple.


Tuesday, June 6

-Reading: Read at home program

- Math:  mardi: Kim is thinking of a number. Her number is greater than 35 and smaller than 44. It is an even number. So, what are the choices of numbers?


Wednesday, June 7

-Reading:  Read at home program

- Math:  mercredi: There are 14 worms in the grass. Then 3 others join them. How many worms are there now?


-Do not forget your library book for tomorrow!!

Thursday, June 8

-Reading: Read at home program 

- Math:  jeudi: Using the following three numbers only, write 2 addition problems and 2 subtraction problems. ( 13-7-6)


 Friday, June 9- No school.

-Reading: Read at home program

- Math:  vendredi: Nathalie baked 12 cupcakes. There are only 9 cupcakes left. How many cupcakes did Nathalie eat?


Please drop off your students after 8:43am in the mornings.  Supervision is only provided after this time

  • June 7: Volunteer Luncheon.
  • June 9: No school. Staff learning day.
  • June 21: Sunnybrooke Farm Field trip.
  • June 23: Track and Field.
  • June 27: Talent Show.
  • June 29: Last day of school. Early dismissal @ 2:25.


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