Welcome to 4/5 G!


 Bell Times

Morning Entry - 8:58 a.m.
Lunch - 12:25 - 1:08 p.m.
Dismissal - 3:25 p.m.

Check out our school website on eportfolios:

(encourage your child to do some work on his or her Scratch coding project)

District satisfaction surveys support planning and reporting for our schools, and the district. We would appreciate it if parents could take a few minutes to complete the school district satisfaction survey online between April 16 and May 16 Parent/Guardian Survey: http://bit.ly/219GBcL This link can also be found on the school website.

•  Apr 23&24   EBWS Mcdonalds night (Clearview: proceeds go towards funding our Accessible Playground project)

April 26th - classroom orders for April Scholastic Flyers due

April 27 - Coding Quest Arcade at RDC (Scratch coding final PBL product due) from 10 am to 2pm

(Sat.) April 28 - 10 am Carnival Cinema Film in French: Nelly et Simon: Mission Yeti (free reservations: event@cinemagine.net  before April 27) 

April 30th - Jump Rope for Heart fundraising due

•  May  (date TBA)  Parent Council Spring Fling

  • May 1 Author Visit in our classroom: Robin Pawlak

•  May 3         Middle School Orientation

•  May 7        Parent Council Meeting

•  May 9         Go Girl/Grow Boy

•  May 18        No school

•  May 21       No school (Victoria Day)

•  May 25        Assembly 1:15 PM

June 8 - Grade 5 Field Trip to McKenzie Ponds

June 25th - Grade 5 Farewell ceremony (time TBA, proabably about 2pm ish in the gym)

June 26th - Field Day

June 27 - Grade 5 Air Band

June 28 - Last Day for Students (report cards go home)

NOTE: Every week, your child should be bringing home work completed in class and assessed. If not, please let your child know how important it is to you that your child shares what  he or she is learning in class.   


encourage your child to do some work on his or her Scratch coding project ...the Coding Quest Arcade at RDC (where we display our final products) is April 27th ...and is rapidly approaching.

IF YOU HAVE A TRIFOLD AT HOME your child can use for the RDC Arcade PLEASE LET ME KNOW

IF YOU CAN, PLEASE SEND A  MOUSE your child can use on APRIL 19th and 27th (please make sure your child's name is on it...many mice look the same...)

 Grade 4/5: - Arcade permission form (a.s.a.p.)
Grade 5: -Go Girl/Grow Boy permission forms
Grade 5: -Grade 5 Camp permission forms and fees

Monday, April 23

Mots pour la vie/ Words For Life verification 
(see the Spelling sub-tab under the Language Arts tab for more information)

Montre et raconte schedule continues 
(show and tell in French: see the Calendar Tab for who presents when)

EBWS Mcdonalds night 5-7 pm (EBWS staff help at Clearview McDonald's: proceeds go towards funding our Accessible Playground project)

Tuesday, April 24

Library Day (@ 12:05-12:25 pm: please help your child remember to return library materials ) 

EBWS Mcdonalds night 5-7 pm (EBWS staff help at Clearview McDonald's: proceeds go towards funding our Accessible Playground project)

Wednesday, April 25

Thursday, April 26

classroom orders for April Scholastic Flyers due

Friday,  April 26
Coding Quest Arcade at RDC :due date for Scatch games and trifolds ...

if possible, bring a mouse (with a cord) from home if you need one for your game

we leave EBWS at 9:15 am; are at RDC from 10am-2pm; leave RDC for EBWS at 2pm... will be back at school around 2:30pm ish.

last day to reserve for the free French film at Carnival Cinema

(Sat.) April 28 - 10 am Carnival Cinema Film in French: Nelly et Simon: Mission Yeti (free reservations: event@cinemagine.net  before April 27) 

Teacher Contact Information

Phone: 403 348-0050

When planning lunches, snacks, and treats 
please remember our classroom is a 
nut-free zone 
due to life-threatening allergies. 

BW Calendar

Daily Homework

Every day, your child should be reading at home (in both French and English), and practicing basic math facts:
 - addition to 18 and related subtraction facts
 - multiplication to 9x9 and related division facts 

UNTIL THESE ARE RECALLED AUTOMATICALLY without hesitation and without need for mental calculation. 

Playground Fundraising

We are continuing to raise funds for our accessible playground project. We have had many successful fundraisers already and we are hoping to have the playground installed during the next school year. We are excited to announce that we are partnering with Red Deer Mcdonald’s Restaurants and part of the funds from Mchappy Day will be going towards our project. In the next month, we will have a few events that will raise funds for our project.

Purchase a shoe! –We will be selling Ronald Mcdonald shoes that students can put their name on and will be displayed around the school. The shoes are $1.00 each and all money donated will go directly to our project.  We are also going to have some school-wide goals that can be reached if we sell enough of the shoes.

School-Wide Goals:

$1000 of shoe sales:  if the students sell 1,000 shoes, the whole school will get an extra 45-minute recess!

$3000 of shoe sales:  if the students sell 3,000 shoes, Mr. Good will sleep on the roof of the school – rain or shine, this will happen on the night of our Spring Fling (May 24th)

Hot Lunch! –  We are having an extra Mcdonald’s hot lunch on April 18th. You can purchase a hamburger/cheeseburger happy meal for only $5. All proceeds go towards the project.

McHappy Day! -On April 23 & 24th from 5 – 7 p.m, a percentage of all sales at the Clearview Mcdonalds will go towards our playground project.

Author Visit

Dear Parents,

Robin Pawlak author of Space Cadets will be doing an Author Visit on Tuesday, May 1st.  Your child will have the opportunity to hear the author read from his book, talk about the process of writing, and, for $12.00, your child can purchase a signed copy of the book if he or she is interested.  As students are purchasing directly from the author,  please bring exact change.  

Back-cover Synopses:   

What if your imagination could take you anywhere? Literally.

Twelve-year-old Simon loves to daydream—a little too much, according to his twin sister Casey, who prefers real-life adventures. She leads the two into their father’s workroom, which is strictly off limits, and they are zapped by their father’s mysterious invention. Afterward, exhausted and dazed, Simon imagines that he is flying a spaceship. Suddenly, he finds that he can no longer control the fantasy, and he and his sister end up stuck in space. For real.

Simon and Casey are taken prisoner by the evil Gamnilians, an alien race bent on galactic domination. In jail they come across an unexpected ally in Geet, a fearful but clever little alien who wants exactly what they want: freedom, and to find a way home. The trio teams up to attempt a daring escape, leading to action-packed adventure filled with danger, friendship and lots of laughs.

About the Author:

Robin Pawlak was a teacher for 31 years in Red Deer. He had boatloads of fun with his students, but three decades is a long time, so he decided to retire to something a little quieter. Nowadays, he spends most of his time in his office, making stuff up and muttering to himself. Some say this is a sure sign that all that time with children drove him mad. This may be true. But if one writes his imaginings down, he can call himself an author, which is a somewhat more respectable title than lunatic.  If you visit robinpawlak.com, you’ll find even more of Robin’s madness on display, including short stories for children (ages 8-108) and some Space Cadets bonus material.

As a school we are focused on building growth mindset with our students. What does this mean? Please check out these videos:  

 Growth Mindset Animation

Growth Mindset

How we learn

How We Learn