Welcome to 3/4 G!


 Bell Times

Morning Entry - 8:58 a.m.
Lunch - 12:25 - 1:08 p.m.
Dismissal - 3:25 p.m.

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Please note some school supply requests for our class are different than the School List: please ensure that your child has PAGE PROTECTORS (40), TAB DIVIDERS (5), a HIGHLIGHTER PEN, a SHARPIE, and, if possible, a corded mouse

NOTE: Every week, your child should be bringing home work completed in class and assessed. If not, please let your child know how important it is to you that your child shares what  he or she is learning in class. 


 Dec    20     Christmas Concerts (am and pm)

for more information, see the text box on the far

right hand side of this page

 Dec    21    Pajama Day and Early dismissal @2:25 pm

- Jan  7   Classes resume and the SKATING SCHEDULE STARTS

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(our class skate time is TUESDAYS 2:20-3:20)


(to tie skates, and/or to skate with the students)

•  Jan 14       Kindergarten Registration   

•  Jan 15        Parent Council

•  Jan 18        Staff Learning & Planning

•  Jan 24        Family Ski Night

•  Jan 25        Assembly

•   Feb 7        Family Ski Night

•  Feb 14          District PD Day

•  Feb 15-24     Canada Games Break


Monday, December 17

Montre et raconte schedule continues (see the Calendar tab for details of who presents on what day)

Mots pour la vie/ Words For Life continues ...please see the Spelling sub tab under the Language Arts tab for details. 

Tuesday, December 18

Matiné Noel (9 am to noonish )

Wednesday, December 19

 Library Day - please help your child remember to return library materials 

Thursday, December 20

  Christmas Concerts (am and pm)

for more information, see the text box on the far

right hand side of this page

Friday,  December 21

 Pajama Day and Early dismissal @2:25 pm

Teacher Contact Information

Phone: 403 348-0050

When planning lunches, snacks, and treats 
please remember our classroom is a 
nut-free zone 
due to life-threatening allergies. 

BW Calendar

Daily Homework

Every day, your child should be reading at home (in both French and English), and practicing basic math facts:
 - addition to 18 and related subtraction facts
 - multiplication to 5x5 for Grade 3 and to 7x7 for Grade 4... and related division facts 

UNTIL THESE ARE RECALLED AUTOMATICALLY without hesitation and without need for mental calculation.

Please note that Grade 4s also need to be able to understand and apply strategies for multiplication and related division facts to 9x9 (so for the 8 times table and the 9 times table, and related division facts).


Image result for raccoon dressed for winterPolar Bandit Club

The Polar Bandit Club is for days when the temperature outside is between -20 C and -30 C.  Currently all students go outside when the temperature is warmer than -20 C with or without the windchill.  Students whose parents have signed the Polar Bandit Club permission form and have the appropriate winter gear (see above) will go outside for recess time when the temperature is between -20 C and -30 C (with or without the windchill) for some much needed movement.  The remainder of the students will go to the gymnasium at this time to get their much needed movement by walking laps.  Remember the McKeage Mantra:  "Outside is the best side!"  We are Canadian!  We are Polar Bandits!

As a school we are focused on building growth mindset with our students. What does this mean? Please check out these videos:  

 Growth Mindset Animation

Growth Mindset

How we learn

How We Learn

Growth Mindset
Join our Remind


ALL children at Ecole Barrie Wilson will be involved in skating after Christmas holidays as part of Physical Education.  Classroom skating begins the first week after the Christmas break, and runs until the end of February/beginning of March weather and ice permitting.

Physical Education Safety Guidelines requires that all students MUST wear a CSA approved hockey helmet for all ice skating activities.  Bicycle helmets are not permitted as they are not deemed to be safe. Be sure that the helmet has a sticker that says CSA approved.

In addition, children MUST wear mitts or gloves and snow pants while skating.

Please be advised that if your child rides the bus, they are required to have their skates in a canvas type bag for safety reasons.  

Also, if you have any skates or helmets that you would like to donate to our school, please drop them off at the school’s main office.  

******If you can help tie and/or untie skates during your child’s skating time****** your help would be GREATLY appreciated!!  

Thank you and happy skating! :)

Christmas Concert

 BW’s Christmas Concert will take place on Thursday, December 20. We will be having two performances- one in the morning and one in the evening. The concert will be divided into three sections. There will be time between each set for parents to come and go. We encourage guests to consider viewing the morning performance. The evening concert will also be livestreamed if you are unable to make it. Times for morning and evening concerts are as follows: 
K-1 9:15 
 Grades 2-3 10:00 
 Grades 4-5 & Choir 10:45

K-1 6:00 
 Grades 2-3 6:45
 Grades 4-5 & Choir 7:30