Welcome to 4G!

-Devoirs (Homework)

- Practice for dictée and Spelling tests (one week is French, the other is English)
- Play Math games (see Math websites - OP Website) 
- Use Raz kids in English/Francais (Tumblebooks- Public Library 
- Any other unfinished daily work

Agenda - a very important communication tool between our class and your home 
(Parents please read and initial the agenda daily
*Bring gym strip on Monday and take it home to wash on Friday.

lundi, le 19 mars
-Report cards go home
Sign up on-line for Student-Led Conferences (Pick a time with other students)
-Spellathon pledge sheet only due 
-gym strip

mardi, le 20 mars
-Spellathon pledge sheet only due (Kayora, Asim, Myah, Kaleb F, Brodie, Owen, Elizabeth)
-gym strip 
-Spellathon test
-Assembly 2:00

mercredi, le 21 mars
- Spellathon pledge sheets returned

jeudi, le 22 mars
Sign up on-line-Student-Led Conferences No school
-Book Fair until 8:00 p.m.

vendredi, le 23 mars
-No school
-Staff day

•March 26-April 2 - Spring Break - Enjoy!

mardi, le 3 avril
-gym strip
-Spelling lesson 

mercredi, le 4 avril

jeudi, le 5 avril
-Library 2 books

vendredi, le 6 avril
-Spelling test

lundi, le 9 avril

Extra: please collect junk journal supplies (any type of paper (preferably recycled)that can be written on, such as, envelopes, magazine or calendar pages etc.) 

-Bring in junk journal supplies

•March 22 - Parent/Teacher Conferences

•March 23 - Staff Learning Day NO SCHOOL

•March 26-April 2 - Spring Break

Young Writers and Creators Conference Saturday, May 5 (by invitation)


-Spellathon words 
-practice reading, saying and writing numbers from 0 to 10 000
-memorize-avoir et être
-LIRE - read daily in French and English (alternating)
-pratiquer additionner et soustraire (rapide!) et l'heure - Quelle heure est-il?

  • February 16th - The campaign begins!

  • March 19th - Students will return their pledge sheets.

  • March 20st – Spellathon test

  • March 21st - Marked pledge sheets will be returned to students on.

  • April 19th - Students then have until to return all of their pledge monies/donations.  Please only send in full collections, after the test is returned.

  • April – School Assembly to recognize winners

  • April - Spellathon store