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EBWS will be putting on a Career Fair on June 20th and we are looking for parents who would like to participate as presenters, showcasing their profession. Please be  on the lookout for the email from Mr Good detailing what is involved! 

District satisfaction surveys support planning and reporting for our schools, and the district. We would appreciate it if parents could take a few minutes to complete the school district satisfaction survey online between April 16 and May 17.  Parent/Guardian Survey : 

lundi le 17 juin

mardi le 18 juin

- return books for French home reading program
- no more library, please return any outstanding books 
mercredi le 19 juin

jeudi le 20 juin

- Career Day 

vendredi le 21 juin

- Field Trip to Red Deer Museum 9:10-12:30

Raconte et montre  Image result for show and tell

Once a month each month, the students may bring something special to class to show their friends. They will learn proper sentences in French to ask questions and make guesses on what their friends brought! 

Visit this website to see what your child will be learning this year!  
Alberta Ed has broken down the curriculum by Grade Level as a parent resource. 

Just like backing up a car takes practice, so does learning how to count by 2's , 5’s and 10's  backwards.


997, 987, 977, 967  ...

1000, 995, 990, 985 ...

1000, 900, 800, ...
16, 14, 12 ...

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We have students in our class who are allergic to NUTS so please refrain from giving your children NUTS in their lunches. Thank you.

Please check out the following link Digital Citizenship Letter of Agreement to view and discuss digital citizenship with your child. 

Have you filled a bucket today?

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 The Wilson Ways 
 Wilson Ways
Be Respectful
I demonstrate respect for myself, for others, for learning, and for property.
Be Responsible
I am responsible for my actions and for my learning.  I arrive at school ready to learn.
Be Resilient
I try to solve my own problems before asking for help.  I know that it is okay to make mistakes, and I
learn from the mistakes I make. 

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We are learning to be resilient and to have Growth Mindset. Please check out the video.  

I can be resilient when I use " THE POWER OF YET" . I can make it happen.

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  • June 17      Kindergarten Open House

  • June 20 Career Fair

  • June 21 Grade 3 Field Trip to Red Deer Museum

  • June 24      Showcase Assembly

  • June 24      Grade 5 Farewell

  • June 25      Outdoor Play Day

  • June 27     Last Day of Classes 2:25 pm dismissal

  • June 28     Staff Only Day

New Playground Info and Volunteer Sign Up

Dear Parents,

You may have noticed that the city has started doing prep work for our new playground. After almost 3 years of fundraising we have reached our goal and are ready to move into the construction phase. The main playground build will take place in 2 weeks, Monday June 24-Thursday June 27. We will need many volunteers to help us out with the playground build. For the 4 days of the build we will need two types of volunteers, people who can be here to help with playground construction and people who can help with supplying food and snacks for our volunteer and professional builders. 

If you are interested in helping with the build we will run two 4 hour shifts per day. On Monday and Tuesday shifts will be from 12-4 and 4-8. On Wednesday and Thursday, shifts will be from 8-12 and 12-4. If you are able to help out with one or more shifts please sign up using the link and code below. Feel free to send this out to any family and friends who may be willing to donate their time to help us. No construction experience is necessary.

If you can't make it to help with the build, we are still looking for food donations to feed our army of volunteers. Any donations of snacks or drinks are welcome!

Please use this link to sign up for a builder shift or to volunteer to bring food, go to and enter the event code bwfun.

Thanks so much to all parents for your support of this project, it is exciting to think that after all of our collective efforts, in a few short weeks we will have a space where ALL students can play.

The link to sign up to volunteer may not have been working, you can try to either copy and paste the previous link or try this one instead:

Once you get to the sign in page the access code is bwfun 


Étoile de la semaine   Image result for star student

Each week, a child will be chosen to be the star student. They will bring home an All About Me sheet and tell the class about all of their favorite things. They are encouraged to bring some of their favorite pictures to share with the class!

Upcoming star students:     
  • Max et Carson: June 17-21
  • Brody et Yuli: June 24-28

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Codes and logins

Sumdog Code: EWBS

“ How can my mind grow?”

We are learning how we can make our brains stronger with Growth Mindset.

To build strong neural pathways I participate.

To build strong neural pathways I practice.

To build strong neural pathways I persevere.

To build strong neural pathways it takes time and effort.

To build strong neural pathways, I know mistakes are good and part of learning.

To build strong neural pathways, I can ask an expert for help.

As a school we are focused on building growth mindset with our students. What does this mean? Please check out the videos.  

YouTube Video

YouTube Video