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Important Dates and Information:
New Bell Times
Morning Entry - 8:58
Lunch - 12:25-1:10
Dismissal - 3:25

November 2018

Monday, November 26

-Spelling words this week: cha, chi, cho, ich, uch, ché

Chrstmas market. Immediate familly first.

Tuesday, November 27

Chrstmas market. absent kids and other gifts

-Library Mme Espinoza’s class

Wednesday,November 28

Next week dictee words: min, mim, sin, sim, inp, imp, zin, zim

Thursday, November 29

-Mme Chick library

-dictee TODAY

Friday, November 30

Grade 2 spelling list on the class website under French : Spelling

Netflix can help! For French immersion parents

Mme Espinoza's/Mme Chick class contact list 

2018-2019 class list/contact info

 Dec    3-4       Christmas Market

•   Dec  4          Report Cards go home

 Dec    6      P/T Conferences

 Dec    20     Christmas Concert

 Dec    21    Early dismissal @2:25 pm

Polar Bandit Club

The Polar Bandit Club is for days when the temperature outside is between -20 C and -30 C.  Currently all students go outside when the temperature is warmer than -20 C with or without the windchill.  Students whose parents have signed the Polar Bandit Club permission form and have the appropriate winter gear (see above) will go outside for recess time when the temperature is between -20 C and -30 C (with or without the windchill) for some much needed movement.  The remainder of the students will go to the gymnasium at this time to get their much needed movement by walking laps.  Remember the McKeage Mantra:  "Outside is the best side!"  We are Canadian!  We are Polar Bandits!

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Dictée words: Grade 1

Prior to Christmas dictee list

 Ami spécial  Please don't forget to send pictures!!!! The order of who goes which week is posted below. The week that your child is Ami spécial, please have him send in pictures or objects that represent him/her. On Monday we will ask questions and have the ami spécial share his/her pictures and objects and we will write a little story about them. By the end of the year we will have a story for each child in our class. 

Ami spécial schedule 2018-2019

Mme Espinoza's parents:
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