Welcome to Madame Brown's Kindergarten class!

Please send indoor shoes with your child's name 
on them to school after Thanksgiving.

Photos are online and ready to order.  Info was sent out in the newsletter.  
If you don't have the code or lost the paper, please let me know!
Kindergarten photos are the best!

Please check the school website and newsletters 
for other info!

We go outside multiple times per day!  Your child needs all outdoor gear please! Please consider sending two pairs of mitts, for example, as they end up going out with wet mitts by afternoon.
That just doesn't feel good to anyone!

Please label everything that comes to school!  There are many multiples here of Costco mitts, coats, boots, etc.
You can use colored yarn to make one stitch in mitts or hats!
It's easier and cheaper in the long run!

Important Dates Coming Up

Picture retakes October 21st at 9am
If you missed photos but this isn't your K day, come anyway please! 
Only opportunity for retakes.

Black and Orange Day  
Wednesday, Oct 21st
Friday  Oct 23

Halloween Dress up Day
Wed Oct 28th
Friday Oct 30th

No school on:

Nov 6th - 11th
Dec 21 - Jan 1

A few things to remember:

-if it is colder than -20 degrees with windchill, students are invited in to the front foyer

-call the school if your child is absent (you can call in the middle of the night!)

-send me a note if there is a change in pick up routine (ex: Grandma is in town)

-send a note if you don't want your child taking the bus home, otherwise it is my job to ensure your child is on the bus!


MW Kinder Calendar - See your Fridays here.

TTH Kinder Calender - See your Fridays here.

Homework for Kinders

Listen to Titounis en francais
Make lines on paper and trace over them with pen, crayon, chalk
Increase hand strength by rolling out playdough into snakes and balls
Play Candyland, etc. board games 
Lots of Cuddle time and extra stories

I will collect paperwork for your child and send it home upon return to class, or...
If you want to pick sheetwork up from the school, please let me know.

Involve your child in packing their backpack so they know what's in there!  Papers for me? Ask your child to tell me.

Put your child's name on all outdoor clothing, snack containers, hats, etc.  please.  Please don't send toys to school. Also, please NO GLASS containers.  Appreciate that!

If your child needs to wear full outdoor gear to walk home everyday, please let me know.  I will send bus kids home in full gear.
Drop off is at the Front Door - no park in the mornings
Pick up at Front Door

Bell Times

Entry Bell - 8:55
1st Recess - 10
Lunch Recess - 12
2nd Recess - 2
Dismissal - 3:30

Please send an actual note if there is a change in pick up.  
I don't check emails during the day and if I'm not here, no one will get the message!  If there is a sub here, it makes the organization and safety of pick up quite difficult! 

Thank you!