Welcome to Madame Dahl's Kindergarten class!

What are we up to now?

learning letters and sounds
numbers 7-10
growth mindset instruction
LOTS of oral French!

It's time for:
playing outside and learning about recess
(please send outdoor clothes every 
Tuesday and Thursday)

cementing sounds with letters
more individual seatwork
increased responsibility and 
shorter snack times

Thank you for:  

*sending mailbags EVERY DAY :)
*packing nut free snacks!

Bell times are as follows: 
am - 8:58-11:43
pm - 12:43 - 3:25

A few things to remember:

-if it is colder than -20 degrees with windchill, students are invited in to the front foyer

-call the school if your child is absent (you can call in the middle of the night!)

-send me a note if there is a change in pick up routine (ex: Grandma is in town)

-send a note if you don't want your child taking the bus home, otherwise it is my job to ensure your child is on the bus!


Barrie Wilson is a PBL school, which stands for Project based learning.

Our Kindergarten is doing the Power of Yet  with Miss Phillips from across the hall.

Each student will be choosing to learn something they don't know how to do...yet!
During April, we will learn the 3 ps


We'll be learning about the importance of making mistakes, determination and setting goals.
You'lll be hearing lots of "Try Everything" by Shakira. 

Please start saving small recyclable items like straws, paper tubes, applesauce and yogurt containers, small kd boxes, empty pill bottles, etc. for a project in May. Cereal boxes and milk jugs will be too large.  Please keep your bag of stuff at home until it's project time? Thanks:)

No school Friday April 20th 

no school Friday, May 18th
Monday, May 21st

no school Friday June 15th
Monday June 18th 

Wednesday, June 6th -  Field trip to Safety City -All kids attend in the afternoon.  
Drop off at Safety City at 12:45. Pick up at school at 3:25

Monday,  June 25th...Showcase Assembly 9:15      Everyone invited to see the show!
All kids come in the morning from 8:58-11:45

Tuesday, June 26th...Outdoor PlayDay  it's a sunscreen, hat and lots of water day!

Wednesday, June 27th     Class Farewells- kids attend at regular times -Everyone invited

Thursday, 28th -- Last Day of School for Students   
All kids come in the morning from 8:58-11:45. 
Kids will play, have a picnic and receive report cards.

Library Days...

morning class - Wednesdays

afternoon kids - Tuesdays

We'll go to the gym three times a week.

Involve your child in packing their backpack so they know what's in there!

Put your child's name on all outdoor clothing please.

If your child needs to wear full outdoor gear to walk home everyday, please let me know.

Please send an actual note if there is a change in pick up.  I don't check emails during the day and if I'm not here, no one will get the message!  If there is a sub here, it makes the organization of pick up quite difficult! 

Thank you!