Bienvenue à 5BK

February 22 - 26, 2021 

Mme Kennedy - Monday
Mme Beebe - Tuesday through Friday

lundi -
  • Mme Kennedy
  • English home reading - 30 minutes or more
mardi -
  • Mme Beebe
  • Multiplication facts quiz, multiplication unit test and verb quiz coming home today. Look for it in your child's backpack.
  • Lecture en français - 30 minutes ou plus
mercredi -
  • English home reading - 30 minutes or more
  • Pink Shirt Day - against bullying

jeudi -
  • Spelling review test tomorrow
  • Impératif verb test tomorrow
  • Wear slippers tomorrow to celebrate our acts of kindness -  Slippers for Seniors
  • Lecture en français -30 minutes ou plus

vendredi -
  • Impératif verb test
  • Spelling review test
  • Lecture en français ou English - 30 minutes ou plus
Ideas for the weekend to support our curriculum:

Social Studies Canadian History - make bannock

Science chemistry experiment - exploding volcano

Contact Information

Phone: (403) 347-3731

Please note: work assignments will be accessible in Google Classroom daily if your child is absent from school.
  • February - SLIPPERS for Seniors collection 
  • Wednesday, February 24 - Pink Shirt day 

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**Please check this Screening Questionnaire EACH morning before sending your child to school. If yes was answered to any of the questions, keep your child home and use the COVID Assessment Tool to determine whether a COVID test is necessary.

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