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Recent News:
The 2017 Race Season starts Aug 21. Start your summer running now :-)
 Check the calendar for times and locations.  We meet at different locations around the city.  Once school begins in September we will switch all practices to starting at HHHS, 4-5:30 pm- Tuesday, Thursday and Friday or Saturday.
Looking forward to seeing all of you August 21
Summer running/training starts July 1, if you did not get a training plan see Mr. Johnson this week.

Thanks to everyone who helped me search for our lost runner Friday at Mckenzie Trails.  My apologies on us returning to school so late, it was hard to leave having not found our runner, luckily he made his way to HHHS on his own.  Check out the photo of the bull moose Praveen almost ran into as we were ending our search!  We had to turn around and run an extra 1 km!  

Check out the latest photos from past races here:

It was a hot one in Wetaskiwin.  Welcome to Peace Hills.  25 Hunting Athletes raced Peace Hills and did us proud.  Tough course, tough conditions for racing but you all persevered and pushed through the challenges of this course.  Mrs. Robertson and I are really proud of your efforts today and your support of each other as a team!  Lots of cheering, helping out and representing our school so well. Congratulations everyone!  Remember.. what does not kill you, makes you stronger :-)  Coach Matt has raced this course many times as a high schooler, he knows your pain.  See you Monday for a distance run  then parent meeting after at 5:30 pm in the Library.  Mr. J and Mrs. R

Sept. 13  Race # 2 is now under your feet. Well done Lightning athletes.  You represented our school extremely well.  That was a challenging 4 km course with 4 hill climbs on a hot day.  A test of your mental toughness.  I was impressed with everyone for really giving it their maximum effort today.  Congrats to those who were faster this year than last, in hotter weather and to those who raced with consistent pacing on each lap.  You are all getting a feel for your race pace on a hilly course and how hard you can push on the hills without blowing up (that is never fun). You will dial this in more as we do additional cross country courses like...... Peace Hills this Saturday.  My favourite away race because we get to hang out for the day and cheer each other on.  This is a great team experience for everyone, regardless of how you finish.  I am looking forward to the day and race #3.  Looking ahead Race #4 will be the Dawe Run next Tuesday. You will be missing your afternoon classes so let your teachers know ahead of time.

Sept. 11.  Congratulations Lighting athletes.  Our first race of the season is now done!  Only 6 left in the next 6 weeks!!! Awesome effort by everyone who raced!!!!   Diego is our most improved runner from last season. Woweeeee he was fast today!  We had 15 runners out racing the Harvest Run this Sunday, a great turn out by Lightning athletes.  Nice job team.  Many compliments from the community about your team spirit and great running.   Top results went to: Coach Matt, 1st overall in the 8km,  Devin Saunders 2nd in his age group.   For the 3 km races 2nd place age group results went  to Diego Andasol, Alex Fortney and Sophia Iatrou, while 3rd place finishes went to Imaad Khalid and Chantal denEngelson.  Many of you were close behind in 4th, 5th and 6th. This Tuesday is the hilly Thurber meet, 2 X 2 km hilly loops a good cross country challenge and...... the Peace Hills meet is Saturday in Wetaskiwin.  Peace Hills is very competitive, if you can finish top 6 there you get a Top 6 Finisher shirt.  Lots of info. on the calendar for this race.  I will register all of you unless you tell me otherwise!!!  Mrs. Robertson will be sending out a link to race photos for you soon!

Summer Training starts now!  You should have received training plans by email to get started. If not contact Mr. J via email.
We officially start training in late August. Check the Training calendar for locations and times.  Matt Hope will be our assistant coach this year for our elite runners who want to take the speed to the next level. He will be coaching with us in  August as well.
Mrs. Robertson and I hope you have a productive, fit summer and we will see you in late August !  Mr. J and Mrs. R

Old News:
Peace Hills was a huge success again this year.  Everyone raced hard and supported each other out there as we all pushed the limits!!

200+ great photos from Peace Hills can be found here:

Results for Peace Hills 2014 are here:

Results for 2015 Peace Hills are here:

More Peace Hills photos:

Lightning runners rocked the Red Shoe run at LTCHS.
Congrats to everyone who ran the very challenging hilly course at LTCHS this week. That is the hardest 4km course out there.   
Lightning girls swept the podium. Nice work Jill, Bailey and  Sophia.

Awesome turn out to the Harvest Run.  Everyone had great races.  Kudos to our 8 km runners who all had solid times and great efforts for the big distance. Every other race this season will be considerably shorter but ... more hills.   Congrats to all of you who were top 3 in your categories and those who had an improved time from last year.  Yours truly was almost 4 minutes slower this year. Looks like I have some work to do......

Parent meeting this Monday 5:15 pm.

Field trip permission form and athlete contract are at bottom of this page. 

Race notice for the Lightning meet can be downloaded at bottom of this page. 

This week we start training M, T, Th, F.  Here we go!!!

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