We are a group of inspired kids at Glendale School. We have borrowed the Inspired concept from another group of inspired kids in Edmonton, AB, Canada. INspired youth groups are kids who come together with the common goal of creating an inclusive society. At Glendale, we believe in the value of inclusiveness and that everyone at our school has something unique and valuable to offer. We also believe that being inclusive is much easier when we know each other really well, and when we try really hard to understand the feelings of others... this is why Glendale is an empathy based school.

We are always looking to grow our numbers. All grades are welcome to participate with us. We are working hard to create possibilities for involvement for kids of all ages at Glendale. Our very first project last year was Glendale Peace Keepers. Glendale is working toward becoming a UNESCO ASPNet school, so creating a peace keeping element at our school is a natural fit. We are currently working on developing a program that would allow kids as young as grade one to participate and learn about 'peace keeping', and we're very excited to present that to our schoolmates.