Hunting Hills High School Drama

Welcome to the HHHS Drama webpage! 

The purpose of the page is to have a central place for students, staff and parents to communicate about all things Drama at our school - although it is important to note that the Main Stage show for the year will have its own page with more specific details and information (a link is provided in the Tabs at the top of this page).

It also contains some fun (hopefully!) postings, cartoons and links... please check a few out!

The drama teachers at HHHS for the 2016 / 17 school year are:

Mr. Bill Jacobsen

Theatre Production / Technical Theatre /  Drama 9 / 10 / 20 / 30
342 - 6655 ext. 1422

Mrs. Sue Merry

Improv Team
342 - 6655 ext. 1240

The Drama Advantage at HHHS:

Drama helps people to develop a positive self-concept, an understanding of the world around them, and an appreciation of art as it reflects our society and adds meaning to our world.

Drama encourages learning through "acting out" ~ and kenetic learning is more effective for many students than more traditional lecture and reading based methods.

We offer Drama 9, 10, 20, and 30 ~ allowing students to take Drama up to and including grade twelve and satisfy the graduation requirements for grade twelve courses and 30 level options. Student work is showcased each term on "Theatre Night" and at special events.

In addition, we offer Technical Theatre for students who wish to pursue training and possible future employment in lighting, sound, stagecraft, costuming, and make up.

HHHS also offers credit classes in Advanced Acting and Touring and Musical Theatre 15/25/35 based around the Main Stage show selected for production each school year.


The Annual High School Play Survey:

What were the most produced musicals, full-length and one-act plays in high schools last year?

We are proud to announce our Main Stage Musical for the 2017 / 18 school year will be:

March 2018 at The Red Deer Memorial Centre!

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Lin Manuel-Miranda on the importance of High School theatre and the shared experience:

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The Power of Theatre.
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