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Rainbow Quote: 
The work can wait while you show the child the rainbow,
but the rainbow can't wait while you do the work !! 
                                                                                                          Patricia Clifford

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second column under the month of June.

Calendar 2020-2021
Here is the year calendar.  Please note it is subject to change.  I will keep you posted and give you lots of notice, whenever possible.

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Order Hot lunch at

Please ensure that hot lunch is happening on a day that your child is attending Kindergarten.
They are trying to alternate days between the Green & Blue Bandits.

Calendar explanation:
Dates with PURPLE print are school-wide items.
Dates with BLACK print are just for our Grade K classroom


•Thursday, 21st-- Winter White Day -- Please wear white and bring a white or winter show and tell item.

•Friday, 22nd -- Green Bandits attend 8:55-3:30

•Tuesday, 26th -- I am absent.  Mrs. Callas will be subbing for me.
I am driving my husband to appts. after his eye surgery.

•Thursday, 28th -- Penguin Day -- Please wear black and white clothing or something with a penguin on it.  Please bring a penguin show and tell item:  a drawing, picture for the internet, toy, book, game, video, etc.

Please note:  
The items on the calendar in black are my classroom items.  
They are subject to change if the school calendar changes.  
I will give you lots of notice.

•Friday, 5th -- Green Bandits attend 8:55-3:30 

•Thursday, 11th-- We are having our Valentine Celebration today.  Please wear either pink, red, & white or one of these colours.  Please bring something pink or red or Valentine item for show and tell.

•Friday, 12th -- Staff Planning & Learning Day -- No classes for students.

•Monday, 15th -- Family Day -- Enjoy your holiday!

•Tuesday, 16th and Wednesday, 17th -- Winter Break -- Enjoy your holiday!

•Thursday, 18th & Friday, 19th-- Teacher's Convention -- Enjoy your holidays!

•Thursday, 25th --Pink Shirt Day


•Tuesday, 2nd -- Dr. Seuss Day -- We are doing Dr. Seuss activities today.

•Thursday, 4th -- Transportation Day -- Please bring a land, water and air vehicle, or which ever you have to school today.  We are making a graph.

•Friday, 5th -- Green Bandits attend 8:55-3:30

•Tuesday, 16th -- St. Patrick's Day -- Please wear green clothing and bring a green or a St. Patrick Day item for show and tell.  If you would like to provide juice boxes or a snack for our Celebration, please see the column to the right.

•Thursday, 18th -- Student - Led Conferences -- No regular classes.

•Friday, 19th -- Staff Planning & Learning Day -- No classes for students.

•Friday, 26th -- Green Bandits attend 8:55-3:30


•Thursday, 1st -- Easter Celebration -- Please bring an Easter or spring item for show and tell.

•Tuesday, 13th -- Dinosaur Day -- Please bring a dinosaur show and tell item.  Please wear any dinosaur clothes that you have.

•Friday, 2nd -- Sunday 11th -- Easter Holidays -- Enjoy!

•Friday, 23rd -- Staff Planning & Learning Day -- No classes for students.

•Friday, 30th -- Green Bandits attend 8:55-3:30

One day this month or early June we will be going to Safety City, Sunnybrook Farm and the Fire Station.  Hopefully field trips will be allowed.

•Tuesday, 4th -- Sock - It & Chalk-It -- please wear colourful or mismatched socks today so that we are active and unique.  We will be drawing pictures and writing sayings on the sidewalks, today.

•Thursday, 6th -- Hats on for Mental Health -- please wear a hat to school.

•Tuesday, 11th -- Yellow Day -- Please wear yellow and bring a yellow show and tell item.

•Friday, 14th --Green Bandits attend 8:55-3:30

•Friday, 21st -- Staff Planning & Learning Day -- No classes for students.

•Monday, 24th -- Victoria Day -- Enjoy your holiday!

•Thursday, 27th -- Name Show & Tell -- Please bring something for show and tell that starts with the same letter as your first name.  i.e. Kim - kite

•Friday, 28th -- Green Bandits attend 8:55-3:30


•Thursday, 3rd -- Watermelon Day -- We are doing watermelon activities today and having a piece of watermelon.  If you would like to donate a watermelon, please let me know.

•Friday, 4th -- Playdate for the 2021-2022 children.  No Grade K today for either class.

•Thursday, 10th -- Favourite T-shirt Day  -- Please wear your favourite t-shirt to school.  We will be drawing the design or the picture for our Memory Book.

•Friday, 11th -- Staff Planning & Learning Day -- No classes for students.

•Tuesday, 15th -- Favourite Show & Tell -- you can pick your favourite thing:  toy, book, craft, etc. and if you are wanting to bring a pet, please let me know.

•Friday, 18th -- Green Bandits attend 8:55-3:30

•Tuesday, 29th -- Green Bandits attend 8:55-2:30 -- Early dismissal for the whole school.

It has been an absolute pleasure having your child in my class.  Have an enjoyable summer!  Take care!! 


This is the start of the second column, 
if you are looking on my
 webpage on your phone.

 8:55 -- bell - please line up at our door - library door
10:00 -- recess
11:30 -- outdoor Phys. Ed.
12:00 -- lunch recess

12:30 -- eating time
 2:00 -- afternoon recess
 3:28 -- dismissal out the library doors & I will walk all the bus kids to the buses

Valentine Snacks for the 11th

cupcakes --

cookies --
fruit tray --

juice boxes --

jello & spoons --

veggies & dip -- 

cheese and crackers --

plates & napkins -- 

anything else?

EBWS school has a twitter account 
and I have one as part of a previous 
Professional Growth Plan - "Embracing Technology."
I put photos of events and happenings
in Grade K Land on Twitter.

Twitter Account 

I never post the children's names.  Just Kinder K or Kinder A, etc.
Please have a look at my account and if you don't want your child's
work or their photo on my Twitter account, please let me know.

Bandit came to meet the Green Bandits!

New Items

crayons - 8 basic colours

 ziploc bags - 26.8 x 27.3

Used items:

If your child has any of the items listed below, that they are done playing with or if you are at a garage sale and you see this items, I would love to have them for our class:

plastic animals

crayons - only 8 basic colours needed

small desk top puzzles (Lauri or wooden ones especially)


building toys

cookie cutters for Playdoh

child size rolling pins for Playdoh


Schedule for Physical Literacy  

PHYS Ed. everyday from 11:30-12:00 
with Mrs. McKeage - Phys. Ed. Specialist.

Some days I will be the teacher assisting Mrs. McKeage
and some days I will be having a prep 
and Mrs. Vriend and Mme Brown,
the other Grade K teachers or Mrs. Weiss, one of the Grade 5 teachers will be the teacher helpers.

The children need to have clothing to go outside everyday.
Mrs. McKeage will be having Phys. Ed. class, outside, as much as possible.  
We will also be having three recesses a day.
If your child is not well enough to go outside for Phys. Ed. or recess, 
unfortunately they are not well enough to be at school.  
There is no indoor supervision.

for the Green BANDITS:

Nov. -- 20th

Dec. -- 4th

January -- 22nd

February -- 5th

March -- 5th & 26th

April -- 30th

May -- 14th & 28th

June -- 18th

We are a 
Please do not send peanuts, tree nuts, 
or peanut butter, to school with your child. 
We do not share snacks with our 
classmates in Grade K.


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