Welcome to Grade 5!


Why Read 20 Minutes at Home per Night?

• 20 minutes/day

=1,800,000 words per year

• Scores in the 90th Percentile on Standardized Tests

• 5 minutes/day

=282,000 words per year

• Scores in the 50th Percentile on Standardized Tests

• 1 minute/day

=8,000 words per year

• Scores in the 10th Percentile on Standardized Tests

Want to be a better reader, writer, communicator?  READ!  :-)

Information about our new report card.

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Skating and cross country skiiing will be the major part of our physical education classes for the next month.  

Please bring skates and a helmet.

Please bring warm clothes suitable for cross country skiing.


Monday, January 15th

Tuesday, January 16th
  • Cross Country skiing

Wednesday, January 17th

  • Growing crystals

Thursday, January 18th
  • Skating in  the afternoon.
  • Chemistry Quiz

Mixtures and Separating Mixtures Quiz

Study Guide


1.       You must know examples of the following mixtures:

a.       Solid and solid

b.       Solid and liquid

c.       Liquid and liquids

2.       Explain what a mixture is.

3.       Know the following vocabulary:

a.       Buoyancy, wind separation, screening, magnets, filtering, decanting

4.       Explain the difference between a solution and suspension

5.       Explain the term heterogeneous and homogeneous

6.    Describe, in detail, why crystals form if a solid (borax) is dissolved in water and is allowed to stand for a period of time.    

7.    6) Give two reasons why crystals may not have formed.  

8.     Label on a diagram the following terms:

a.     Solute

b.    Solvent

c.       Solution

Friday, December 19th




Jan. 19 - Staff Learning Day

Jan. 24 - Assembly 2PM - 1S, 4/5F, 5D

Feb. 12-15 - Endangered Animal Artist Residence


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