Welcome to Grade 5!


Why Read 20 Minutes at Home per Night?

• 20 minutes/day

=1,800,000 words per year

• Scores in the 90th Percentile on Standardized Tests

• 5 minutes/day

=282,000 words per year

• Scores in the 50th Percentile on Standardized Tests

• 1 minute/day

=8,000 words per year

• Scores in the 10th Percentile on Standardized Tests

Want to be a better reader, writer, communicator?  READ!  :-)

Information about our new report card.

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Monday, April 24th
* Assembly on Wednesday Top Spellathon Earners will be Recognized 

Tuesday, April 25th

Wednesday, April 26th
  • Grade 5 Orientation and Registration Forms. Fill out and return.

Thursday, April 27th

Friday, April 28th

Division Test Wednesday of next week.
Science Test on circuits, fuses and electrical safety next Tuesday.

April 24 - Parent Council Meeting 3:30
April 24 - Central Middle School Packages go home
April 26 - Assembly 9:15 - 5D, 5F, KC, KS
May 3   - Go to Central Middle School orientation
May 8th - Central Middle School packages must be returned before this date               

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