Welcome to Kindergarten!

Upcoming Events

New Bell Times

Entry Bell Times - 8:55-12:10
1st Recess - 10:30
Lunch Recess - 11:50
2nd Recess - 2:05
Dismissal - 3:30

Week 4 - September 23-27 ( full day Tuesday,Thursday and Friday)
We will continue to meet at the park in the morning. Mrs. Baile, the other Kindergarten teacher will be taking them in since I will be meeting the others at the bus.
Mrs. Vriend is away on Tuesday.  There will by a sub in for the entire day.
Review of our name (printing) and what makes us special. Letters S,A,T,I
Letter - P,N,and CK
Color -  Green (please take green snacks if able ) We will also be continuing  to make patterns with our snacks. It would be great if you could send them with snacks that they could make patterns with..  ie.  cheese, meat, cheese, meat, cheese, meat  or raisin, cracker, raisin cracker etc,

Thank you for taking the time to read with your child.  If you would like to spend more time with the books you are welcome. 
Please remember to send the bags back to school each day with your child so that we can send home other information or notes.

Library Day will be Thursdays.  You can send your child's book back Tuesday or Thursday.
Thursday, September 26 - Author Visit - Georgia Graham.
Friday, September 27 (Kinder V-Orange Shirt Day)
Harvest Soup Day.  The whole school will be enjoying a delicious vegetable soup made with vegetables grown in our own school garden.  Please send a bowl and spoon with your child so that they can enjoy some soup.  If your child does not want any they can enjoy their own lunch.

Important Dates

Below is a list of most of the important dates during the school year.  I will also be adding more information as the year goes on.  Please check back often for updates and changes.

Friday, 27th --  attend -- It is Orange Shirt Day in
recognition of is an event that started in 2013. It was designed to educate people and promote awareness about the Indian residential school system and the impact this system had on Indigenous communities for more than a century in Canada. It is held annually on September 30 in Canadian communities with students and staff being encouraged to wear an orange shirt to school that day.


•Tuesday, 8th to the 18th -- FCC Drive Away Hunger Campaign. Each of the children will be bringing home a brown grocery bag. If your family would like to donate items for the local food bank, please put the items in the bag and return it to school.

•Thursday, October 10th -- Student-Led Conferences. Mr. Good will be sending out a online form, through School Interviews, so you can sign up for a conference. There is no regular classes for students today. Your child needs to attend with you.

•Friday, October 11th -- Staff Learning Day -- No school for students.

•Friday, 18th --  attend 8:55-3:30

•Thursday, 24th -- Orange & Black Day -- Please wear orange & black to school.

•Thursday, 31st -- Halloween -- Please bring your Halloween costume. We will be putting it on after lunch. 


•Friday, 1st -- attend 8:55-3:30

•Thursday, 7th -- Staff Learning & Planning Day -- No school for students.

•Friday, 8th -- Fall Break -- No school for students.

•Monday, 11th -- Remembrance Day -- No school for students.

•Thursday, 21st -- Button Day -- Please wear clothing that does up with buttons. We are making a button graph and completing a sheet for our book.

•Friday, 22nd -- attend 8:55-3:30


•Thursday, 5th - Parent -Teacher Conferences -- No regular classes.

•Friday, 6th -- Staff Planning & Learning Day -- No classes for students.

•Thursday, 12th -- Red & Green Day -- Please wear red and green clothes and bring a red and green or Christmas show and tell item.

•Friday, 13th --  attend 8:55-3:30.

•Tuesday, 17th -- Pajama Day -- Please wear your pajamas to school. We are making our candy trees today. If you would like to donate: candies, icing, sugar cones, etc., please let me know.

•Thursday, 19th -- attend 8:55-11:50
Pick up time is 11:50.
Morning Christmas Concert at 9:15.
Evening Christmas Concert at 6:00.
Students are asked to attend both concerts.

•Friday, 20th --  attend 8:55-11:50
Pick up time is 11:50.
Whole school outdoor activity led by Mrs. McKeage.
Whole school movie in gymnasium.


•Friday, 10th -- attend 8:55-3:30

•Friday, 17th -- Staff Planning & Learning Day -- No classes for students.

•Friday, 31st -- attend 8:55-3:30


•Friday, 14th --  attend 8:55-3:30 -- We are having our Valentine Celebration today. Please wear either pink, red, & white or one of these colours. 

•Monday, 17th -- Family Day -- Enjoy your holiday!

•Tuesday, 18th -- Winter Break -- Enjoy your holiday!

•Wednesday, 19th -- Staff Planning & Learning Day -- No classes for students.

•Thursday, 20th & Friday, 21st -- Teacher's Convention -- Enjoy your holidays!


•Friday, 6th --  attend 8:55-3:30

•Tuesday, 17th -- St. Patrick's Day -- Please wear green clothing.

•Thursday, 19th -- Student - Led Conferences -- No regular classes.

•Friday, 20th -- Staff Planning & Learning Day -- No classes for students.

•Friday, 27th -- attend 8:55-3:30


•Tuesday, 7th -- Easter Celebration -- Please bring an Easter or spring item for show and tell.

•Thursday, 9th -- Staff Planning & Learning Day -- No classes for students.

•Friday, 10th -- Sunday 17th -- Easter Holidays -- Enjoy!

•Friday, 24th -- attend 8:55-3:30


•Friday, 8th -- attend 8:55-3:30

•Friday, 15th -- Staff Planning & Learning Day -- No classes for students.

•Monday, 18th -- Victoria Day -- Enjoy your holiday!

•Friday, 29th --  attend 8:55-3:30


•Thursday, 4th -- Watermelon Day -- We are doing watermelon activities today and having a piece of watermelon. If you would like to donate a watermelon, please let me know.

•Friday, 5th --  attend 8:55-3:30

•Friday, 12th -- Staff Planning & Learning Day -- No classes for students.

Last week of school : Please check back for more details

•Monday, 22nd -- attend 8:55-11:50 for Whole School Showcase Assembly.

•Tuesday, 23rd -- attend all day for Field Day.