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Congratulations to Miss Rodolfy's ELA classes on their fantastic and well written book that they wrote together! 


West Rutland's School Budget

By: Adrianna Thomas

The West Rutland's School budget is up for another re vote next week. On May 2, the second re-vote for the budget will take place. The school desperately needs this or we may have to make some difficult changes that most likely will affect the students. These may include: teachers and sports cuts as well as Art cuts. There is much to be proud of when it comes to our town’s school. Our West Rutland students have accomplished a great deal this year. Our Varsity Basketball team reached state finals again this year, our artwork has reached local and regional displays, and the music program performs on a local basis. Academically, our performance in reading and math is above state average, the college admission rates are 100%, and the students enroll in many extracurricular activities to help with their education. Without the new budget, our school and students may not be able to uphold these achievements.

The newly proposed budget is 5,569,563 dollars, which is 4.21% lower than last year’s budget. With the new budget, education spending per person would be 7.85% higher than last year’s, helping each student. Many factors have impacted the increase in educational spending this year. These are reduction in tuition revenue, decreased student enrollment and Technical Center tuition increase. All of these influences have expanded education spending by 5.02%.

With all of this in mind, please remember to vote on May 2! Your vote could decide what direction West Rutland school will travel in. An informational meeting will be held May 1, at 7 p.m. at the town hall. Thank you for supporting West Rutland School!

      SPECIAL EDITION: SAVING THE MILKY WAY FARM IN IRA                                                                                *FEATURE STORY*

The Milky Way Farm:

A History

By: Adriana Thomas

Did you know that there is only one farm left in the town of Ira? Did you know that this same farm is in danger of closing? This farm is called the Milky Way Farm. In 1984, the Clark family purchased the land to start their dairy farm business. Robert Clark Sr. purchased and ran the business while battling cancer. In February of this year, legal action came to an end at the Federal Bankruptcy Court on behalf of the Clarks. The Milky Way’s cows and machinery could be sold to the highest bidders any day now. Robby Clark Sr. died last year, at age 69, and now his son, Robby Clark Jr., is trying to keep the farm alive. The metastatic prostate cancer that Clark Sr. suffered through put the family even further into debt.

Even though most people would worry more about their finances, all that Clark seems to worry about is the future of his precious cows. The farm and the cows are just part of the family, every cow even has its own name. Clark Jr. mostly worries about how these cows will do in other farms. The Milky Way farm is very basic, and the cows are used to its calm nature. Other farms have a lot of machinery and a completely different environment that makes it hard to adapt to.

The farm is the only job Robby Clark Jr. has ever had, that is how important this family business is to him. Just by looking at the farm, you can see how beautiful it is, but the family feeling and connection makes it even better. Even one visit to the farm would be deeply appreciated. Many people are sad to see the family and farm in such an upsetting situation. The Clark family still remains optimistic in this challenging situation. Something needs to be done and soon before we see a treasured piece of VT's history disappear.

GO TO https://sites.google.com/a/rcsu.org/wrs-golden-horde-gazette/special-edition-1 FOR THE REST OF THIS SPECIAL EDITION!!!!

Cheerios Gives Away Flowers

By: Denise Keyes

Have you been wondering why the bee is missing from your cheerios box? The parent company of cheerios known as General Mills got rid of it as a part of a campaign to draw attention to the declining populations of honey bees. The box still has the outline of the bee but it does not have any color. The bee known as Buzz is now white with a dotted outline.

The population of bees is currently in danger because there is a lack of wild flowers available for them to feed on. This is why the Cheerios company has been giving away packets of wildflowers. The company has given away 1.5 billion flowers to help solve the bee problem. Seventy percent of the world's food gets pollinated by bees so what will happen if the bee population continues to decrease. The company is asking for everyone to spread that word about planting wildflowers so that the bee population does not continue to decline.


Spring In Vermont:

Mud, Maple Syrup, and yes,.......more Mud  

Eli M. Petit  West Rutland High School News

spring.jpgmaple .jpgmud.jpg

It’s that time year again: pancakes with fresh maple syrup, and no school due to waist high mud. “It's really just a challenge to see who will get stuck in the mud first” said one fellow Vermonter, though this attitude isn’t taken by all. Not everyone likes to get their new car stuck in three feet of mud. Don’t worry, there are plenty of things for both the youth and the more mature adult to thoroughly enjoy this spring. Enough rambling, let’s get into it.

Some of the main things for these sorts of people interested in really getting the Vermont culture down are the following. The number one thing you probably think about Vermont is snow, and when that starts to melt, what to do becomes the the question. Vermont as you may know, is the single largest producer of maple syrup in the United States, making maple sugaring a popular activity to do in the early spring around the more rural areas; pretty much most of Vermont. Not only does it provide a nice passive income, it also creates many social engagements where people of all ages can hang out with family and friends in a warm sugar house smelling the sweet sap come in and boil down.  Most importantly, it results in maple syrup, and who doesn’t like that?

Now for people who don’t or haven’t lived in the Northeast Kingdom there is the dreaded mud season hinted in the title, which is simply the transition between Winter and Spring. Most all Vermonters know about this, and no matter which attitude they take towards it, it inevitably comes without a doubt. Some make sport of the occasion, by what many stereotypical, “rednecks” might call mudding. This activity, usually taking place with couple of friends and some sort of machinery traditionally four wheelers, dirt bikes, jacked up jeeps, and pretty much any kind of truck with a daring, foolish, adolescent driver not afraid mud. Usually getting stuck or even fully emerged in mud having one of their friends pull them out. This is not for the faint hearted, but is nonetheless quite exhilarating.

These are some of the more popular things that goes on in early to mid spring. Though there are plenty others to enjoy. Onto more later spring things like fishing. While yes you can fish during the Winter time, not everyone does this opening up an opportunity to those who don’t. It’s quite relaxing with the right frame of mind on a boat in the middle of a lake with no distractions to irritate you. Another outdoor activity could be gardening. This would be more focused for the more mature adult though all ages are able with the right encouragement. Growing your own produce isn’t easy though you certainly reap from its benefits, as well as getting a feeling of pride and accomplishment. All of these things are certainly deep in the roots of Vermont and I would encourage others to try them for themselves. If you’ve gotten anything from this, it would be simply to enjoy nature. Lay on a hammock, or have a picnic, be with friends, and thoroughly enjoy the world.

Winter Carnival

By: Adriana Thomas

All of the high school classes are getting ready for Winter Carnival! It all happens between February 13 and February 17, the week before vacation. During the week, everyone is in the school spirit. Our competitive school gets even more ambitious during the competing days. The whole high school participates in the activities, sometimes even the teachers.

Some of the activities we enjoy are tug of war, the pie eating contest, dodge ball, volleyball, karaoke, and more. The classes practice for the big week! During the school day, they usually dress up depending on which day it is. During the week there is point dexter day, pajama day, school spirit day, and other themes. Dressing up helps the classes gain points for their total score. Whoever has the highest score in the end wins the week.

During the afternoon, the gym is open for anyone who decides to see the intense competition. In past years, seniors have done dance routines and other interesting things. We are excited to see what they will do this year! In the library, multiple board and card games are set up. Also in the gym there are video game competitions. It is always exciting to see the pie eating contest too! Every class appreciates the support that they get! For now, we are preparing for the week ahead. The question remains: who will win this year?

Rutland Welcomes Refugees

By: Denise Keyes

Rutland welcomed the first refugee family on January 18th. The family came from Turkey and is currently staying in the home of Rutland High School's Assistant Principal. The first family to come to Rutland was a family of four including a mother, father, and two children. All of the refugees will eventually be living in apartments. The Rutland Welcomes group has over one thousand members and they are doing anything they can to help. There are two dozen committees that focus on anything from English tutoring and mentor-ship to collecting household items to help furnish the apartments for refugees.

What could be a potential problem with Syrian refugees coming to Rutland? Language diversity. Many people in Rutland have made it clear that they are concerned about the language diversity. Most of the refugees that will be coming speak Arabic so in order to address this issue, the Rutland Welcomes committee decided to start Arabic classes. There are professors from Middlebury college that drive down every Thursday to teach these lessons. A big question is “Why Rutland?” Why are the refugees coming to Rutland opposed to a town like Burlington. In Burlington, resettlement has been going on for decades while in Rutland there is not much resettlement going on. The housing costs in Rutland are low and the employers have jobs to fill. Rutland mayor Christopher Louras believes that the refugees will give the city a much needed boost. Back in 1870 Rutland bloomed due to immigration. As of January 26th, the program has come to a halt.

Soup Bowls for Hunger

By: Denise Keyes

Every year for around 11 years now, Rutland has been holding a soup bowl for hunger event. This event raises money for the local community food shelves. The event is sponsored by Delta Kappa Gamma, which is an honor society of women educators. In the past six years, more than $50,000 was raised in Rutland County alone. For last years event, nineteen professional potters and students from Rutland, Rutland Town, and Proctor made almost 500 bowls.  The event this year is being held in the cafeteria at Rutland High School. Tickets are available for purchase in the office at Rutland High School. Each ticket is fifteen dollars and with this admission, you get soup, crackers, a roll, dessert, and a beverage. You also get to choose a bowl to take home. There will be 3 sittings this year. They will be at 5:00pm, 6:00pm, and 7:00 pm on March 30th 2017.

This year, the students in Mrs. Dutton's’ art classes are going to be participating in making the bowls. The organizers of the event sent Mrs. Dutton a paper informing her on what was going on and it gave her all the information on the event. She is having everyone make a pledge of

how many bowls they intend to make and for most people it's two to three bowls in a two week time period. Some people have pledged to make as many as 20.

Here is the website if you would like to check it out:



*photo credit: Matthew Williams

The most wonderful time of the year

                                                          By: Kaylee Svitak

    So it’s beginning  to be that time of the year again, when life is happy, joyous, and cheerful. Christmas is one of the most happiest times of the year. I don’t think  I have ever met someone who didn’t like Christmas. This lovely holiday has so much to offer and you can make so many lovely memories. Putting a Christmas tree up is always a big deal! Some people have special ornaments they put on their tree’s and they have a purpose and that’s always so fun to do. Making Christmas cookies, making gingerbread houses  watching holiday movie classics like “Elf”, “National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation”, and “Miracle on 34th Street” are always fun treats during the holiday season! Christmas music is always playing somewhere whether it's in a store, you’re car, you’re home, it's everywhere.


 Christmas is also really big because of Santa Claus. Many little kids love Santa Claus!! The  myth is that he travels to every little girls and boys house and delivers presents they really want depending on whether they were good or bad. Santa Claus lives in the North Pole which is a very cold place and children believe that the North Pole is a magical place full of wishes,believing,and joy!  Christmas is when dreams come true and miracles happen. It’s just such a wonderful time of year. It’s really hard to be angry or have anger towards others during this time. It brings families together. Everybody has different traditions that they do on Christmas, but they all are sentimental to the people doing them. I hope everyone has a joyous, memorable holiday season!   

*Photo Credit: Mattie Williams   

The History of the Yearbook

By: Alyssa Perkins

The first yearbook made for West Rutland School was created 108 years ago, in 1908. Yearbooks were created to help students remember the past year and all the memories that were created. Many schools create yearbooks and have a designated teacher to teach the class and have students create it.

New yearbooks are coming soon to West Rutland School. The WRS yearbook is being created for the 2017 school year. The 2017 yearbook is vintage themed. It is being created by three classes of students. Mrs. Audette is the designated teacher and she helps students with their yearbook page(s) that are assigned to them if help is needed/wanted.  

The WRS yearbook costs $60.00 per yearbook, except for one day in December. On December 16th, yearbooks will be $50.00. This is a one day sale. Get your yearbook while you can as they might sell out fast! A yearbook is a great thing to buy, it will help you remember all the things from that year.

It's the Time of Year to Give

By: Denise Keyes

Every year for 18 years now, Rutland has been having a “Stuff a Bus” event. This event helps out many people around the Rutland area. The items that are donated go to the Salvation Army to make holiday baskets for families who may not be able to afford them. This years "Stuff a Bus" in Rutland will be held on November 14th, 15th, and 16th. The bus’ park at Hannafords and Price Chopper and they are open for people to drop off nonperishable items. Non Perishable items are things such as:

  • Cheese or peanut butter crackers     

  • Applesauce

  • Pudding

  • Fruit cups

  • Granola bars

  • Power bars

  • Cereal bars

Stuff a bus is a great way to help out those people who are in need. Not everyone can have what we call a normal Thanksgiving because they might not have the money to buy any food at this this time of year. Even one small donations would be helpful to someone in need.

This time of year there are lots of different donations that you can contribute to. We have one right here at West Rutland School. The National Honors Society (NHS) is sponsoring a food drive to collect items for Thanksgiving baskets. These baskets will help to stock food shelves and provide for area families. Students in kindergarten through sixth grade are competing to see which grade can bring in the most items.

The class that donates the most items will get to have an ice cream party (Each grade should bring in different items. See chart below). Students in grades seven through twelve are also encouraged to bring items in. There are donation boxes in the lobby and in Mrs. Oquendo’s room on the first floor. You are welcome to donate from now until November 17th.
*Photo Credit: Matthew Williams

Kindergarten, 1st, and 2nd Grade

Cranberry sauce or jelly, canned veggies, soup

3rd and 4th Grade

Stuffing, instant mashed potatoes, canned sweet potatoes, rice, gravy

5th and 6th Grade

Pumpkin pie or other pie fillings, pie crust mixes, bread mixes, dessert mixes, frosting

2016 Halloween Parade

By Jeneé McGee

It is October and you know what that means! The Halloween Parade is right around the corner. This year will be the 57th annual Halloween Parade for Rutland. It is held on October 29th at 6:30 pm in Rutland. The Halloween Parade is a long-standing tradition in the Rutland community. Every year it draws a huge amount of people.

The theme of West Rutland's float is Tim Burton’s “The Nightmare Before Christmas”. Band members from the school will be providing the music. There will also be a group of singers performing the song “This is Halloween”. The song was written by film composer Danny Elfman, who has written many famous lyrics for film. “Putting together the music and the float for the parade is really a collaborative effort and involves many different people in the school.”  Says music and band teacher, Ms. Ott.

Students from 5th through 12th grade can be seen playing their instruments in the band, lead by Ms. Ott. They have been working on this music since the beginning of the school year. It takes many rehearsals to learn the music and to then memorize the whole song. Mr. Henry helped to prepare eight singers from chorus, who will be riding on the float dressed up as a variety of characters from the movie, including Jack, Sally, Mr. Oogie Boogie, and Lock, Shock, and Barrel.

Mrs. Dutton and the art students from many different grades have worked on constructing the coffin sleigh that Jack Skellington rides in dressed up as Santa and pulled by a skeleton reindeer. Art classes are also working on making bow ties for the Jack Skellington costumes that all of the band members will wear.  

                Photo Credit: Mattie Williams

You should definitely go to the Halloween parade in Rutland to see many more creative floats that people have worked really hard on!

New Activities Looked for At West Rutland School

Alana Raymond

Rebecca Sanderson


 West Rutland doesn't have many activities during or after school. Most of the activities that the school has are sports, music, and also tapestry. We made a survey asking what three activities would you like there to be at the school. We got some answers that were the same as well as some that were very different. Most people put down drama club or bowling club as an activity or club that they would like to see become a part of their school. These clubs would help students interact with other students and make new friends. They would also help students learn new things and explore different opportunities that are available to them.

There were also other answers that we received. The top three answers we got were homework club, bowling club and even game club. We got many answers that included tutoring and art club. We think if the school had more activities to do in and outside of school that more kids would get involved. Homework club would probably help kids get their homework in on time and help them to understand it a little bit more. The homework club would be for students past 6th grade because the younger ones have tapestry. The school has had a Drama club in the past and an Art club. The Drama club would help people who want to act and not have to go to a different school to get this activity. Students would be able to learn how to interact with other students on stage and would also perfect their speaking skills as drama pushes the limits when it comes to speaking in front of larger groups of people. The Art club would go on trips and work on students art skills. It would help to open up a variety of skills for students and give them a more solid foundation as they decide what they want to be when they get out of school. We should bring these clubs back because a lot of people would like to join these clubs and it would be fun for them. These are just some of the activities the students would like the have at West Rutland School.

Image result for drama