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NameTitlePhone #EmailGrade LevelSite Link
NameTitlePhone #EmailGrade LevelSite Link
Robert Johnson Principal ext. 5203 robert.johnson@grcsu.org   
Joseph Harrington Associate Principal/Athletic Director ext. 5204 joseph.harrington @grcsu.org   
Kathy Hogan Receptionist ext. 5201 kathy.hogan @grcsu.org   
Lisa Harvey Administrative Assistant ext. 5206 lisa.harvey@ grcsu.org   
Lynn Ackerman Registrar/AD Assistant ext. 5207 lynn.ackerman @grcsu.org   
Suzanne Brewster Nurse ext. 5208 suzanne.brewster@grcsu.org   
Pamela Notte Family/School Coordinator ext. 5209 pamela.notte @grcsu.org   
Dawn Charron Media Center/Librarian ext. 5210, (library) ext. 5258 dawn.charron @grcsu.org  Library Site 
Marie Coombs Kindergarten ext. 5211 marie.coombs@grcsu.org Elementary  
Deanna Rodolfy Grade 5 ext. 5261 deanna.rodolfy@grcsu.org Elementary  
Dawn Daley Reading Specialist  ext. 5213 dawn.daley @ grcsu.org Elementary Classroom Site 
Philip Henry Elem. Music & Chorus ext. 5214  philip.henry @grcsu.org Elementary Classroom Site 
Jessica Thurston Grade 4 ext. 5215 jessica.thurston @grcsu.org Elementary  
Susannah Maxham Grade 3 ext. 5216 susannah.maxham@grcsu.org Elementary Classroom Site 
Kayla Poljacik Grade 2 ext. 5217 kayla.poljacik @grcsu.org Elementary Classroom Site 
Mary Ojala Kindergarten ext. 5218 mary.ojala@grcsu.org Elementary  
Christine Pawlusiak Grade 4 ext. 5219 christine.pawlusiak @grcsu.org Elementary  
Zachary Hampton Elem. Music & Band ext. 5220 zachary.hampton@ rcsu.org Elementary  
Antonette Stickney Elem. Physical Education ext. 5221 antonette.stickney @ rcsu.org   
Erin Therrien Grade 2 ext. 5222 erin.therrien @ rcsu.org Elementary Classroom Site 
Kathy Turgeon Grade 3 ext. 5223 kathy.turgeon @ rcsu.org Elementary  
Joy French Early Essential Education ext. 5224 joy.french@ rcsu.org   
Heather Proctor SLP ext. 5225 heather.proctor @ rcsu.org   
Amy Roy Reading/Math Specialist ext. 5226 amy.roy @ rcsu.org  Classroom Site 
Karen Ames Grade 5/6 Language Arts ext. 5227 karen.ames @ rcsu.org Middle School Classroom Site 
Nancy Burke-Bruno Grade 5/6 Science/Social Studies ext. 5228 nancy.burkebruno @ rcsu.org Middle School Classroom Site 
Barbara Pennington Grade 5/6 Math ext. 5229 barbara.pennington@ rcsu.org Middle School  
Brian Audet Grade 7/8 Math ext. 5230 brian.audet @ rcsu.org Middle School  
Wendi Dowst-McNaughton Grade 7/8 Language Arts ext. 5231 wendi.dowst @ rcsu.org Middle School Classroom Site 
Dennis McLaughlin Grade 7/8 Social Studies ext. 5232 dennis.mclaughlin @ rcsu.org Middle School  
Zach Eastman Grade 9-12 English ext. 5233 zach.eastman @ rcsu.org High School  
Jenna Abatiell Grade 9-12 Science ext. 5234 jenna.abatiell @ rcsu.org High School  
Scott Maxham Grade 9-12 Physical Education ext. 5235 scott.maxham @ rcsu.org High School  
Mikayla Taylor Grade 9-12 Math ext. 5236 mikayla.taylor @ rcsu.org High School Classroom Site 
Matthew Olewnik Grade 9-12 History ext. 5237 matthew.olewnik @ rcsu.org High School  
Mary Margaret de Oquendo Grade 9-12 Spanish/AP English ext. 5238 marymargaret.deoquendo @ rcsu.org High School  
Julia Pipeling Grade 9-12 Math ext. 5239 julia.pipeling @ rcsu.org High School Classroom Site 
Jill Dutton Grade 9-12 Art ext. 5240 jill.dutton@rcsu.org High School  
Jessica Audette Grade 9-12 English ext. 5241 jessica.audette @ rcsu.org High School Classroom Site 
Kyri Cimonette Special Educator ext. 5242 kyri.cimonette @ rcsu.org  Resource Site 
David Berman Special Educator ext. 5243 david.berman@ rcsu.org   
Ann Rodgers Special Educator ext. 5244 ann.rodgers@ rcsu.org   
Robin Turner Special Educator ext. 5245 robin.turner @ rcsu.org   
Meghan Doherty Elem. Art ext. 5246 meghan.doherty @ rcsu.org Elementary Classroom Site 
Elmer Jones Head Custodian ext. 5247 elmer.jones @ rcsu.org   
Alice Parker Custodian  alice.parker @ rcsu.org   
Carl Serrani Custodian  carl.serrani @ rcsu.org   
George Mills Custodian  george.mills @ rcsu.org   
Lauren Louiselle Guidance ext. 5251 lauren.louiselle @ rcsu.org  Guidance Page 
Jennifer Jackson Grade 7-8 Science ext. 5252 jennifer.gammon @ rcsu.org Middle School  
Judith Lashof Reading Specialist ext. 5212 judith.lashof@rcsu.org   
Ryan MacIntyre Special Educator ext. 5254 ryan.macintyre@ rcsu.org   
Showing 52 items