West Rutland School Board
  "Committed to Excellence."

Our School Board is comprised of five elected school directors who represent, lead, and serve the stakeholders of West Rutland School. The School Board assures that our school offers educational opportunities that align with our community’s values and that students are achieving the educational results the community expects.

The Board sets expectations for the West Rutland School.  These expectations are communicated through Board goals and  incorporated in the Board’s policies which are monitored annually to determine if the district is meeting the Board’s expectations. As the values and needs of the district evolve, the policies are updated to reflect these changes.

Goals and an annual work plan are developed and formally approved by the Board in accordance with School Board Policy B2.  Adjustments and additions are made to the plan throughout the year as needed to accomplish the Board’s work.

The work of the West Rutland School Board extends beyond the regular board meetings. The Board participates in workshops and holds committee meetings. Board members attend many district events and  community meetings. In addition, board members are  representatives to the Rutland Central Supervisory Union (RCSU) Board. Led by Superintendent Dr. Debra Taylor, the RCSU provides administrative, human resource, and business and technology services to schools and staff. In addition, the RCSU staff direct school improvement initiatives in  general and special education. These efforts align with our school's mission: We exist to ensure that all students learn at  high levels.  

The calendar below shows Board commitments for the current school year.

For more information concerning  the work of our  School Board, please contact Dr. Debra Taylor, Superintendent at debra.taylor@rcsu.org  or via phone at 802-775-4342.
James Mumford, Chair Francesca Girardi, Vice Chair Kristi Duncan, Clerk  Tom Callahan, Member Elizabeth Coltey, Member RCSU Board Policies

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