Sr. Patterson's Opening Page

Bienvenidos and welcome to Sr. Patterson's webpage.  This has been set up for your convenience so that you may check on homework, expectations, curricula and other events related to RTS and Sr. Patterson's classes.  You may also get copies of worksheets, rubrics, study guides, etc. created for Sr. Patterson's classes.  In addition you will find web links to class-related materials.  Please feel free to enter and use the page.  Please take note that the homework is listed on the day it is DUE.

Email address:

Contact#:  775-0566, ext. 2012

Just a reminder that there is ALWAYS homework in the Spanish classes even if nothing has been specifically assigned.  You should ALWAYS be reviewing and practicing the new vocabulary!

Remember that the Spanish vocabulary quizzes can be redone once in the 8th Grade Spanish classes.

Have a great day!