Student Assistance Counselor

SAP  Counselor is the title of the Student Assistance Professional Counselor.

The SAP counselor works with students in the school to provide information and support on a variety of topics.
    We facilitate support groups, have educational presentations and offer individual discussions that
    address the following: life skills, self-esteem, mentoring, grief & loss, anger management, family
    changes, substance abuse education, and smoking cessation.

    We also provide community resources, and offer support to children of addictive substances.

Your SAP Counselor for Rutland Central Supervisory Union

Joyce Anderson, BA, CADC, SAP     
Certified Alcohol & Drug Counselor
Student Assistance Professional Counselor

Proctor High School  802-459-3353 X 2113

West Rutland School 438-2288 X 267

 Rutland Town School 775-0566 X 2043