While voters in the three districts in the Quarry Valley Merger (Poultney, Proctor and West Rutland) approved the new district, and voters in Middletown Springs approved the Wells Springs Merger, the vote in the Wells community failed by 1.

A Merger revote is planned on April 13 at the Wells Town Hall.
Informational Meetings will be held on March 29 and April 12. 

Once voters in all five communities approve the merger, it will go into effect. 

Following the approval, the Act 46 Study Committee will petition the State Board of Education to approve the remainder of the comprehensive plan. Please see below.

The State Board unanimously approved the Quarry Valley and Wells Springs Unified Union School District Merger Plans. (Press Release) (Presentation) (FAQ

This website provides information concerning the comprehensive plan to merge two supervisory unions (Rutland Central and Rutland Southwest) and merge five districts to two, and include two stand alone districts as part of the newly merged SU. Please review the chart below and browse the remainder of the site for more information.