Media Center Procedures

Morning Check Out
Monday - Wednesday, and Friday
  • Students must bring a Library Pass with them to Morning Check Out
  • Students are only allowed to come to Morning Check Out on days they do not have a scheduled library class.
  • Students should ALWAYS use a Shelf Marker.
  • Students should choose their books QUICKLY and QUIETLY and then return to class.  
There will be NO Morning Check Out on Thursdays.

Help Desk
Monday - Wednesday, and Friday

Library Classes
On a typical day in the library, our classes will follow these routines.

Kindergarten - 2nd Grade
1. Turn in Books

2. Sit quietly at the Promethean Board or at the tables

3. Participate in a Lesson, Activity,
or Story Time

4. Check Out Books

Students in K-2 classes earn ClassDoJo points for all the ways they follow the rules:

Coming in QUIETLY
Following Directions
Working Together
Checking Out Books Quietly
Lining Up Quietly

Once a class reaches 15 DoJo points, they will receive a special library reward!

 3rd - 5th Grade
1. Turn in Books

2. Quietly choose a seat at the tables

3. Participate in a Lesson or Activity

4. Take AR tests, if needed, and Check Out Books


To make sure the Media Center space can be shared by ALL members of our school community.

We will achieve this goal by:
Keeping our noise at an appropriate level.

Cleaning up after ourselves.

Using shelf markers. 

Helping to keep the bookshelves nice and neat.