Schools in Rutherford County Past and Present

Rutherfordton 225th Anniversary Celebration

August 2012 Educational Sub-Committee Members:
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    Robin Salicki
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    Phillip White

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Rutherford County is and has been a county on a journey seeking educational opportunities for its students to reach and sail beyond all their possibilities.  The educational journey started in 1839 and has continued to the present.  We now have 3 districts: Chase, East, and Rutherfordton - Spindale.  The districts consist of 19 facilities: Carver Center, Chase High School, Chase Middle School, Cliffside Elementary, East Rutherford High School, East Rutherford Middle School, Ellenboro Elementary, Forest City-Dunbar Elementary, Forrest Hunt Elementary, Harris Elementary, Mount Vernon-Ruth Elementary, Pinnacle Elementary, Rutherford Early College High School, Rutherford Spindale Middle, Rutherford Spindale Central High School, Rutherfordton Elementary, Rutherford Opportunity Center, Spindale Elementary and Sunshine Elementary.  Our enrollment as of 2011 was 8,726.  Rutherford County Schools, under the direction of Superintendent Janet Mason, is continuing the educational journey of helping our children be READY for 21st Century skills and jobs.  Our journey is forever moving forward. 

History of Rutherford County Schools

The information in this site has been compiled from oral and written contributions of many community members.  Thank you to all those who have and will contribute.