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Describe your organism using words.  It is small dots connected to each other with a blueish color (stained from Iodine)

What kingdom and phylum does your organism belong to? unicellular fungi and Ascomycota What characterizes this group? only one cell, and reproduceds asexually, creating a copy of the parent that is independent

How does this organism reproduce?  (Include sexual or asexual, formal name of reproduction, process, results in haploid or diploid?) It reproduces Asexually by budding, and produces four organisms

Of the other 4 organisms you observed, how is yours similar in reproduction compared to the others?

It shares asexual reproduction with the other four and  does budding just like the Hydra.

How is it different from the others?

Many of the others reproduce through fission, fruiting and fragmentation.  Also the others do not produce and identical copy of the parent cell.