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Rhizopus Sporangia

Describe your organism using words. 
Our organism was pink-ish, with a spongey, holey texture
What kingdom and phylum does your organism belong to? Fungi
What characterizes this group?
This group is characterized by the fact that it can live everywhere, and varies from a microscopic organism to a massive organism covering up to thousands of acres. Fungi usually reproduces by means of spores, usually wind disseminated.

How does this organism reproduce?  (Include sexual or asexual, formal name of reproduction, process, results in haploid or diploid?) This organism reproduces by sexual and asexual reproduction. The reproduction process for this organism occurs through fruiting strucures known as sporangia. The sporangia breaks open and spores are released into the environment. It results in Haploid.

Of the other 4 organisms you observed, how is yours similar in reproduction compared to the others?
They all involve asexual reproduction.
How is it different from the others?
This organism can perform both sexual and asexual reproduction, and it has a sponge-like texture.