Literacy Lab


On this site, you will find information about class assignments and the general curriculum we follow to improve students' reading and writing skills and accelerate their literacy development.

Below is a short video about why you should read every day. Independent reading is a large part of what we do in Literacy Lab. There are benefits to making reading a part of your daily routine. Watch the video below to see how reading can improve your life and increase your success in school.

Parents, below is a link to an article from the New York Times about how to raise strong readers. Maybe you already do this at home! If so, keep going! Your child is never too old to be read to, or to engage in reading with you. Have conversations about current events, or just talk about a book or article you really enjoyed. If you find that you aren't doing these things at home, it is never too late to start. Students who read more have more success in school.

If you have any questions about Literacy Lab or your child's current reading level or skills level, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Elyse Youngman, Reading Teacher

School of the Arts