What is PBIS?

PBIS stand for Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports and is a systems approach for establishing a social culture with behavior supports to help provide a more effective learning environment for our students.  PBIS is evidence based and uses data to drive the program and measure progress.  The ultimate goal of PBIS is to improve the overall climate of our school and to foster positive relationships between students and all staff members.  Through clear expectations, consistency and positive relationships it is believed that students behaviors will improve and academics will prosper for years to come.

We will reward students who consistently meet our expectations of being "Respectful, Responsible and Ready."  Our motto is "RCS Middle School ... We aRRRe Respectful, Responsible and Ready to learn!".  Our students will be given "golden tickets" when they get caught following clearly established expectations.  Students can then trade their tickets in for prizes!  Teachers and staff members will be giving golden tickets to students randomly as they are caught following the expectations and displaying "respectful, responsible and read to learn" behaviors.  Students will have specific days that they can cash in their tickets for prizes.  we will also hold monthly and quarterly celebrations to reward grade levels who have amassed the most tickets.  Raffles will also be drawn for both students and teachers that hand the tickets out in which bigger prizes can be won!

The first area we decided to focus on is the hallways.  After obtaining feedback from both students and staff members, it was determined that the hallways were a good place to start!  The team has developed a teaching lesson that we will present to everyone in our school that will outline clear expectations on how our students will be "respectful, responsible and ready" to learn as they navigate the hallways.