Welcome to our library webpage!   Click along the top or side menu bar to access different pages.  Here are a few book recommendations if you are looking for something to read.  Just click on the book title to see if the book is available in our library.

Some helpful hints for the RCSMS Library Website
  • The catalog on the side menu bar has a link to our new web-based catalog and e-books catalog. 
  • Refer to the Checkout Policy and Catalog Page for more information.
  • Databases & Other Sources are where you should go to find reliable articles for your research.  Our Research Help page is our 'how to' page to show you all the ins and outs of research.  
  • Looking for a recommended website, visit the Search Engines & Websites link. 
  • Webquests & Pathfinders are where you will find information about on-going projects by different teachers.  
  • Find out all about the library and the librarian at the About Us page
The RCS library program is to enable all students to be effective users of information and to appreciate and enjoy literature and other creative expressions of information.

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