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Yearbook - Seniors & Parents of Seniors

2020 Seniors and Parents - Attention!


2020 Yearbook – Senior Pages

Senior Pages Portraits/Attention!!! 

Senior pictures are due November 1, 2019 so plan to get your pictures taken this summer! If you are unable to do so, the yearbook staff can take your picture EARLY in the fall with a background of your choice free of charge. No pictures will be taken after November 1, so please plan accordingly.

Senior pictures must have a resolution of at least 300 dots per inch and be sized 3.5” tall x 4” wide. Color or black and white photos are acceptable. For highest quality yearbook photos, we suggest they are submitted digitally via CD or emailed to clarena.renfrow@rcpsvt.org . For lesser quality results, photos can also be scanned and will be returned.  Please understand that the yearbook staff and administration reserve the right to edit photographs as necessary to fit in the allotted space or refuse to put in a photo due to inappropriate content as determined by administration.

All seniors are to type their senior blurb and submit it through email to Clarena.renfrow@rcpsvt.org . The blurb is limited to 150 characters. You may also come into Mrs. Renfrow’s classroom to type it. This is to be done before October 11th and it is critical that you do so as this is the only way your blurb will be placed in the book. Please list activities first. Realize this is optional, if you want the whole 150 characters for your blurb – that is your choice. Remember spaces count in the 150 characters! 

Please understand that the yearbook staff and administration reserve the right to edit inappropriate content. Please see below for a list of club and activity abbreviations. If your club/activity is not listed, our apologies. List it anyway in your blurb if you wish and let us know for next year.

PARENT RECOGNITION ADS:  Parents can purchase a parent recognition ad for $75 from the online store at www.balfour.com in September.  

YEARBOOKS:  You will be receiving purchasing information directly through Balfour in the mail.  You can also get an order form in White 16 and pay at RHS.  Give orders and money/check to Clarena Renfrow in White 16.  Make checks payable to RHS.  You can also order directly online at www.balfour.com beginning in late June 2019.  Don't wait to order because we sometimes don't have any yearbooks left over to purchase.  The online store will be available in June and all through the summer.  The books are only $45 if you purchase early.

Senior Handout Can Be Downloaded Below

Every senior MUST fill out the form at the bottom of this page and turn it into Mrs. Renfrow in White 16 in the fall before October 11.

Seniors will be required to proof their senior picture and blurb by January 7th and sign off on it showing approval.

Don’t wait to order because we might run out this year!!!

See the form attached to the bottom of this page and download it if you didn't receive it in the email I sent to incoming seniors. Seniors (2020) are required to fill it out and return it to Mrs. Renfrow.

Don't Have a Debit or Credit Card?  No Problem!!

You can see me, Clarena Renfrow, in White 16 at RHS if you do not have a credit or debit card for the online order. Bring a check made out to Rutland High School or bring cash and we will fill out an order form.  You can get an order form from me or download the one below (coming soon).  If you want it personalized, then there are additional fees.

Clarena Renfrow,
Jun 4, 2019, 10:09 AM
Clarena Renfrow,
Sep 19, 2019, 6:23 AM