BHES Title I Reading Program

Click the following link for the Belle Heth School Quality Profile from the Virginia Department of Education.

The  Title  I  Reading  Program at  Belle  Heth is based  on the needs  of the  individual students  and is staffed  by three  Literacy  Specialists.   The primary function  of this program  is to increase  the reading  proficiency of  the identified  children in  grades  3 - 6.   This  is  accomplished  by:


1.  Monitoring & assessing student progress
2.  Using a variety of teaching strategies
3.  Teaching and reviewing the areas of phonemic
awareness, word attack, phonics, comprehension,
vocabulary, spelling, study skills and oral reading fluency
4.  Encouraging a love of reading
5.  Providing small group and individual instruction
6.  Providing assistance to classroom teacher
7.  Teaming with the classroom teacher in whole   
 group instruction