Pied Pipers


Working without sets or props and with little scripted material, their performance style inspires
children's imaginations. Children enjoy active involvement in the theatre, so the Pied Pipers invite them to participate in the stories. Every child who comes to a Piper show is greeted personally by a member of the troupe. Stories, songs, and poetry from around the world and across cultures help instill in children a love of reading, and appreciation of the arts, and a greater understanding of themselves and the world around them.


Part of the excitement of a pipers show is that no two are alike. As the troupe performs throughout the year for schools, churches, birthday parties, libraries, and other organizations, they draw from a large repertoire to provide a unique, entertaining experience for each audience. The troupe offers a fresh and exciting performance that can be adapted to most audiences and venues. Although the Pipers' intended audience is children, people of all ages enjoy their performance.

For further information about the Pied Pipers, 
please email cparker@rc.edu