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Introduction to Netbook Computing at Laconia

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Your responsibility:

You are leasing the same netbook from the school district until you graduate. The files and other information stored on the netbook should not be considered private.  Treat the netbook with care. If you damage a school owned book you have to pay for it. If you damage your netbook the same rules apply. The Toshiba netbooks are under a 3 year CDI warranty with zero cost of ownership. The Acer netbooks are only under a one year standard limited warranty.  NOTE:  Intentional damage to a netbook may void the warranty.

What the netbook has to offer:

  • The netbooks have Windows 7 Starter as the operating system.
  • The netbooks will use the Internet as the network.  This is called "cloud" computing.
  • You may create a personalized electronic locker at v-locker.rbsd.k12.wi.us.
  • There is a significant amount of storage space on the hard drive and you may use this space to store your files. You should not consider this space private.  You may also want to back up important files on an online storage account, such as V-Locker, Dropbox or Google Docs.
  • The netbooks have a WebCam, speakers, microphone, and a SD card slot.

How to take care of your netbook:

  • Permanent changes to the netbook such as engraving, marking, painting, or drawing other than the district provided etching will not be permitted.  Students may personalize the netbook by using gel skins.  These are removable vinyl skins for protecting and customizing portable devices.
  • Close the netbook before walking around with it.  Carrying it by the screen while walking down the hall may cause expensive damage.
  • Carry your netbook in your backpack to and from school, preferably in an additional protective case.
  • Recharge the battery every evening. With careful use the charge should last all day (9.5 hrs) but you may want to bring your power cord to school with you in case the battery runs down.
  • Programs may be loaded onto the netbook, as long as you comply with copyright & licensing rules. Too many added programs may slow down the computer.
  • An anti-virus/spyware program is already loaded onto the netbook & will need to be updated periodically.
  • It is your responsibility to keep the netbook updated.

Some uses for the netbook:

  • These machines are not as powerful as laptop or desktop computers, so they will not run applications that require extensive computer resources like computer assisted design programs or video editing.
  • Word processing may be done on these machines using an application like Open Office or a "cloud" application like Google Docs. Both of these have documents, spreadsheets, & presentations.
  • Netbooks may be used for researching, collaborating with teachers & other students, tutorials, and practice tests.
  • Netbooks may be used for online learning services through Moodle, the RBSD online course management system.
  • Netbooks may be used as an electronic textbook.
  • All Laconia students may have a RBSD Google Apps account which contains programs like Gmail, Google Docs, Blogger, and Google Sites.

What to do if you don't have broadband Internet at home:

You will have to download sites & information at school to access after school without an Internet connection.  As an alternative, students can check out an Internet device from the library to provide Internet access at home.