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Google Apps
(G Suite for Education)

Google recently launched a redesign to Google Classroom with a sleek, new look to help teachers better customize their pages. In addition, teachers can now drag and drop assignments and topics in the Classwork page. There are also new First Day trainings in the Teacher Center 

Get the most out of G Suite in your workplace with training guides, tips, customer examples, and other resources.

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Request App, Add-in or GoGuardian Account

If you find an Add-in or App you would like to use, either in Classroom or as a tool OR if you would like a GoGuardian account please fill out this form (complete the form with your rbocesapps.org Account)
Note: GoGuardian is used to monitor and manage your students on the Chromebooks

YouTube Restricted Mode: Teachers Can Approve Videos

As Educators we have a love/hate relationship with YouTube. It is such an amazing resource for educational videos. But its also a large source of inappropriate content. The technical process of separating is a lot harder than some may think.
But Rockland BOCES has made the change to enable
Teacher to approve videos for student viewing! Click here for more info!

Great for Language Learning


Translates text from one language into another.

Sample Usage

GOOGLETRANSLATE("Hello World","en","es")

Hello WorldHola Mundo