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Tenant Testimonials

These are unedited tenant comments from the apartmentratings.com page or our facebook page.

Anonymous - resident - 3/20/2015
Lived here: 2012-2015
We have had great neighbors and the maintenance on the apartment has been great. The manager makes sure everything is taken care of immediately. Would recommend these apartments to anyone.

Anonymous - resident - 7/17/2014
Lived here: 2005-2014
I have lived in this unit for almost 10 years. Repairs are handled quickly except on those rare occasions when they have to rely on others. My only complaint is that snow removal is not as fast as I think it should be.
Improvements have been made to the building while tenants are still in them. That is RARE in Columbia.
4 plex units are quieter than the 8 plexes. That said, noise is not an issue and hasn't been for the 9.5 years I have been here. Speed bumps would help OR a posted speed limit sign would help deter those idiots who move thru here at 40 mph. There are children living around here.
I only wish they had a 3 bed, 2 bath unit. I would rent it in a heartbeat. Space limitations are the only thing which could get me out of here. Or a winning Powerball ticket.

Anonymous - resident - 6/9/2014
Live here: 2011-2014
My husband and I lived here for three years. Our apartment was clean and in good shape when we moved in. The property manger Dan is very reasonable and accommodated us whenever possible. Maintenance requests were always addressed within a day or two. I liked how the building only had eight apartments so we knew all of our neighbors, who were a mix of grad students and young professionals.

There's only one washer and dryer in the laundry room, but they always worked and were a bargain at $1.00/load to wash and $.75/load to dry. Parking was never an issue. It's definitely a no-frills place, but that was just fine with us.

Overall I enjoyed my time living there and would definitely recommend it.

Anonymous - resident 
Lived here: 2013-2014
Really a perfect place for me to live.  I would absolutely have stayed if I didn't move across the country.  Friendly landlord who is quick to fix any maintenance issues.  Big apartments with balcony area, updated appliances, energy efficient upgrades on the windows/doors, and lots of parking.  Near grocery stores and restaurants, but still nestled in a quiet neighborhood.  It has everything you probably need in an apartment.  Nothing flashy or unique, but a really great place to live.

Anonymous - resident
Live here: 2011-2014
I have been living here for 3 full years and would not consider moving out if I had not bought a house.  THis is a very quiet living area with amenities around (3 big grocery stores, banks, gas stations, restaurants, urgent care center, pediatric clinic).  The maintenance is prompt.  The rent is very reasonable for a 2-bed unit with a balcony.  With the new windows and sliding door installed, the utility cost is also low.  I have recommended two of my friends to move here.  The only pity is that there is no covered parking, but the parking lot is plenty.

yx16 - resident
Lived here:  2011-2013
We live in RBMA since May 2011 and sadly will leave in May this year to due to my graduation from the university.  The unit I rent faces grassland with beautiful view on the second floor.  The unit was thoroughly cleaned when we moved in, and carpets were just like new.  There are two bedrooms, one of which is slightly larger and has enough room for a king-size bed.  You also got a spacious living room and a kitchen and a balcony.  Parking space is plenty.  The neighborhood is generally safe and we always walk or jog around the area, feeling 100% secure.  

Rent for 2013 probably raised a bit however those apartments also went through this insualtion upgrade last year.  In winter you probably will notice lower gas bills.  The staff, especially the manager, Dan, is quite friendly and would solve your problems in a timely manner.  So all in all, I would highly recommend those apartments to anyone.