About the Family Resource Center

The Family Resource Center (affectionately called the FRC) is a place where parents/guardians of young children can come to experience a school setting, make friends, and get information about community resources.  

The FRC is OPEN to ALL families with young children ages birth to 6 (PTO meetings are an exception).  
Reasons families use the FRC:

  • Volunteering:  Many parents enjoy volunteering in their older child's classroom, but have a younger child who does not yet attend school.  These parents can collect items to laminate, cut out, arrange, sort, etc. from the teacher, and work on them in the FRC while the younger child happily plays in a new and different environment than home.

  • Attending PTO meetings:  The FRC is always open during EPS PTO meetings for child care.

  • Play Dates:  Some families choose to meet-up at the FRC for a weekly or monthly play date with one another.  

  • Use the Computer:  There is a desktop computer with internet that is available for parents to use.  

  • Change of Scenery:  Families with young children realize that a simple change of scenery and toys makes the day go a little easier.  Many families use the FRC as a change of scenery for their child.

  • Transition to School: For students who will be attending EPS, families make trips to the FRC to become comfortable with the new school setting.  Tours can also be arranged.

  • Resources: There are MANY different brochures and books about child development, local agencies, and services available.  Books may also be checked out.