What is the Mustang Mentor program?

Mustang Mentor Kick-Off
A kick-off program is a fun day of information and team building activities.  This helps freshman make the transition from junior high to high school. 
Freshman who attend kick-off are more likely to say that:
  • they were not nervous on their first day,
  • they felt "accepted" at their new high school,
  • they know where to go if they have a problem, and
  • they are involved in an extra-curricular activity.
Mustang Mentors are trained and run the Kick-Off program as well as several homeroom activities throughout the year.  Mustang Mentors are mentors for freshman and are there if freshman have any questions or concerns about school.

Quotes from EHS freshman
  • “[My mentor helped me] find my true inner self.”
  • “[The program] has helped me a lot. The upperclassmen had told me what was coming in the future and had prepared me for it.”
  • “They [the mentors] rocked my socks.”
  • “They [the mentors] did good. They were fun and they actually made us talk, instead of just caring they pushed us to talk about things.”

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