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ULearn 2015 Resources

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Coding for primary age children

 Introducing coding into the classroom
This is a great web based coding instruction space. There are dozens of lessons that step children through creating code. If you are a complete novice and think you could never teach code to your children this is the place to start.

This is a series of 45 minute lessons from the studio.code.org website organised into a logical 39 week programme by staff at The Gardens School. This is a great resource to get you started.

Toitoi - Journal of young writers and artists
 http://www.toitoi.nz/A journal of writing and art work aimed at NZ primary age children. Check out their website for links to submit art or writing.
 3D Printing
123 Design
123 Sculpt
Cookie Caster
The software links to the left are just a very few of the available 3D software programmes. These are simple enough to get you started though.
 Paul or Sharon T
 Financial Literacy
 Young Enterprise Trust
Free financial literacy resources. These people have some great practical ideas that integrate financial literacy with other projects (e.g. school garden, camp)
 Voice Typing
  Create a new document in google chrome. Go to tools and click on the voice typing microphone button. Talk to your computer and watch it type. You can even get punctuation like full stop or question mark by saying those.
 Flipped Learning
 http://flippinglearning.blogspot.co.nz/ A blog that children can come back to to learn from.
 Seesaw http://web.seesaw.me/ Student driven portfolios of learning. Children can scan the class QR code, record video, type, draw or photograph and record an audio commentary. They upload really easily, teacher approves content and parents are sent a notification that there is a new post to look at. Parents can download an app to their phone giving them instant access to their child's portfolio of work.
 Answer Garden

Fact sheet
A bit like Wordle but has some extra clever features. Allows people to respond to a question and the responses are collated in a wordle like word cloud.
 Nicole C
 Movenote https://www.movenote.com/Record a movie of yourself talking to your slide presentation.
 Sharon T
 Steve Mouldey
 https://stevemouldey.wordpress.com/2015/10/16/agency-and-ownership/A blog that includes a number of resources and ideas about student agency and ownership
 Sue V
 A variety of resources
Technology and Kawa of Care
Britannica School
TKI inclusive education
 Various resources
 Using iPads in  New Entrant classroom
 Link to presentation