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Ravenna High School Staff


Name / EmailAssignmentVoice
In Bldg
Adametz, Drew
Band 1403 M-F 
Altieri, Matthew
Intervention Specialist 1519 M-F 
Baggett, Ellen
Intervention Specialist 1515 M-F 
Barstow, Connie
Classroom Assistant  M-F 
Beetler, Bonnie
Library Assistant 1706 M-F 
Bonfine, Shawn
Science 1603 M-F 
Booher, Dawn
Social Studies 1504 M-F 
Briggs, Michelle
Food Service           M-F
Browne, Michelle
Attendance Secretary 1311     M-F
Browning, Jennifer
School Counselor                          1315     M-F
Butner, Teresa 
Custodian      M-F
Champ, Kelly
Food Service      M-F
Chiriac, Mariana
Math 1621 M-F 
Cipriano, Kemberly
Classroom Assistant      M-F
Coleman, Beth
Principal 1306 M-F 
Conyers-Rizzo, Diane
Biology 1525 M-F 
Crislip, Lisa
Intervention Specialist 1502 M-F 
Cummings, Todd                  
Custodian M-F
Daniels, Ron
Custodian  M-F 
Davéant, Danielle
 Art         1511 M-F
Domozick, Carla
Intervention Specialist 1514 M-F 
Donaugh, Chelsey
Biology 1523 M-F 
Donofrio, Renee                                                  School Counselor     1316M-F          
Duhon, Krissa
 English 1602 M-F
Farrell, Dawn
 Intervention Specialist 1520M-F
Fenn, Kyle
Family & Consumer Science 1509      M-F
Fletcher, Derick
Physical Education 1206 M-F 
Freeman, MaryKate
Intervention Specialist 1116 M-F 
Furness, Michael
 Custodian M-F
Gahagan, Emily                                    
 Intervention Specialist         1002      M-F
Giddins, Angela
School Counselor 1314 M-F 
Greathouse, Jonathan
Athletic Trainer 1208 M-F 
Greene, Megan 
Athletics Secretary 1304     M-F
Grimes, Kimberly
Guidance Secretary 1317 M-F 
Gunnoe, Lenora
Family & Consumer Science 1518 M-F 
Haldi, Sara
 Math     1611     M-F
Hall, Harley
Art 1510     M-F
Hammonds, Melissa
Latin 1507 M-F 
Harper, Matt    
Head Custodian Days1405 M-F 
Heasley, Debbie
Classroom Assistant  M-F 
Holt, Lisa
Classroom Assistant M-F
Jones, Carol
Food Service  M-F 
Kaiser, Pamela
Secretary 1303 M-F 
Kennedy, Katherine
 Psychologist 1413M-F
Kmetz, Connie
Cafeteria Monitor  M-F 
Konzen, Julie
Classroom Assistant  M-F 
Lange, Anthony
Science1604 M-F 
Legg, Candy
Classroom Assistant  M-F 
Longanecker, Zachary
 Math 1612      M-F
Lunardi, Jim
Athletic Director1308 M-F 
Lutz, Beth
Scenic Arts Instructor 1404 M-F 
Marcinek, Monica
Cafeteria Monitor  M-F 
Martin, Stacey
Intervention Specialist 1610 M-F 
Martin Shively, Stephanie
 Spanish 1623M-F
McBride, Therese
English 1619 M-F 
McNeely, Brandon
Custodian M-F
Miller, Amy  
Mandarin Chinese 1507     M-F
Moore, Madelyn  
Intervention Specialist 1409     M-F
Mulheim, Justin

 Social Studies         1527     M-F
Mullins, Lynn
Food Service
Myers, Rosanne  
Classroom Assistant      M-F
Newcome, Jay
Technology Coach  M-F 
Nowak, Richard
Math 1622 M-F 
Otanicar, Lindsey  
Science 1606     M-F
Pandohie, Carla
 PLATO 1408    M-F
Paolucci, Ptl. Scott
School Resource Officer 1312 M-F 
Parker, Thomas
Industrial Technology 1407 M-F 
Parks, JaCari  
Assistant Principal 1310     M-F
Perry, Janet
Food Service  M-F 
Petrosino, Nicholas
Library Media Specialist 1707  
Piñango Zambrano, Maria
Spanish 1508 M-F 
Popelmayer, Christina
 English 1614     M-F
Poston, Sharon
Intervention Specialist/English 1616 M-F 
Rakosi, Kitty
Classroom Assistant  M-F 
Reed, Cheryl
Classroom Assistant  M-F 
Rosinski, Janet
Math 1613 M-F 
Rothbauer, Brianne  
Intervention Specialist 1617     M-F
Rothstein, Jeremy
 Assistant Principal 1309     M-F    
Rudick, David  
Social Studies 1505     M-F
Ryan, Kathleen  
Licensed Practical Nurse M-F
Samodell, Lisa
Classroom Assistant  M-F 
Sapp, Ronald
Custodian  M-F 
Senseman, Doug
Sophomore Class Advisor/
Student Council

Sivinski, Gretchen
Business 1512 M-F 
Sovine, Beverly
Food Service  M-F 
Starks, Jerome
In School Restriction Monitor 1501 M-F 
Sterba, Julia
Music 1401 M-F 
Stopp, Luke
Intervention Specialist 1117 M-F 
Studer, Tracie
Classroom Assistant  M-F 
Sullivan, Richard
Social Studies 1506 M-F 
Suto, Gail
Study Hall Monitor 1522     M-F
Terry, Guyla
Food Service 1323 M-F 
Toth, Christina
Math 1526 M-F 
Turney, Heather
English 1615 M-F 
Wetshtein, Carolyn
Food Service  M-F 
White, Karen
Classroom Assistant  M-F 
White, KarisaFood Service      M-F   
Whitmore, Michael
English 1618 M-F 
Williams, Terrance
Health/Phys. Ed. 1601 M-F 
Wilson, Diane
Classroom Assistant  M-F 
Wunderle, Matt  
Social Studies 1503     M-F
 Young, Kristy
 Speech Pathologist 1451     M-F
Ziolkowski, Megan
Hearing Impaired  1321  

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