The Ravenna School District Hall of Fame

The Ravenna High School Hall of Fame Organization was established in 1989 to recognize outstanding graduates of Ravenna High School. Membership in this organization is open to all residents of Ravenna City or Ravenna Township. Every two years this group of hard working volunteers select R.H.S. candidates to be inducted into the prestigious "Hall of Fame" based on the following categories:
  • Academic/Career Accomplishments
  • Athletic Accomplishments
  • Cultural/Performing Arts
  • Major Contributions to the Ravenna School District
  • Special Honorary Achievement
The qualifications for candidates are as follows:
  • The individual considered for selection must have establish him/herself as a good example to Ravenna students.
  • The individual considered for selection must have graduated from Ravenna High School at least 10 years prior to induction.
  • There shall be a maximum number of three (3) inductees in each category in each year of induction.
  • There shall be no more than ten (10) inductees in any year of induction.
  • The individual considered for selection shall be nominated by Ravenna citizens, faculty, students or graduates.
  • Except for the "Special Honorary Category," inductees to the Ravenna High School Hall of Fame must be a graduate of Ravenna Township High School or Ravenna High School.
After the candidates are selected, they are invited to attend the Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony held in the fall of every other year. At this ceremony the candidates are formally inducted into the Hall of Fame. Following this memorable evening, a plaque is made of the inductees and placed in the actual Hall of Fame located in the James L. Coll Annex of Ravenna High School. Here the plaques remain as a reminder to all of Ravenna and the surrounding area of the standard of excellence which has always been a part of the history of Ravenna High School.