The Ravenna School District

        Preschool Program

        Phone: 330-297-4139

                                                                 FAX: 330-297-4165

            NOTE: We will begin calling for appointments the week of August 10th to                                 schedule new student screenings for the week of August 24th.  Thank                          you for your patience as we move through this process. 

As Governor Mike DeWine announced earlier this week, school buildings will remain closed for the remainder of the school year.
We have been working on continuing to build out our remote work plans already, and we will have more information coming shortly, but for now, Keep Calm and Learn On!

 Food Distribution will continue every 
Monday and Thursday, 11:00 am - 1:00 pm.

Preschool Virtual Open House

Coronavirus: A Book for Children

Food Service Information

All Ravenna School District Parents:

Your student received a half-sheet of paper today detailing our plan for ensuring our students are fed. 

Packets of food are available at each of our school buildings every Monday and Thursday, from 11a-1p on those days. 

The food on Monday is designed to help each student have enough to eat through Thursday morning. The food on Thursdays is designed to help each student have enough to eat through Monday morning. These are not specifically portioned meals, so it is important to help your student build each meal so it will last as intended. 

This food is a combination of meals from our district’s excellent food services team, our friends at Raven Packs, and the wonderful people at the Ben Curtis Family Foundation. 

This plan is active beginning at the closing bell today through April 3. If and when the plan needs updated, we’ll make sure and let you know! 

We’d like to extend a sincere, public thank you to Raven Packs and the Ben Curtis Family Foundation for sending food home last weekend to get our students through the weekend. It is because of their extraordinary partnership that we are able to assure food needs are met for so many of our families! 


Welcome to the Ravenna School District's Preschool located at 531 Washington Avenue in Ravenna. We are here to support you and your family. We believe we will provide your child with an enjoyable and educational experience.

 Ravenna Preschool Brochure (click here)

The Ravenna School District's Preschool is a federally mandated preschool program for children with disabilities. Children may qualify for free preschool services if they have a documented disability in one or more of the following areas: cognition, communication, self-help skills, social-emotional/behavioral functioning, fine motor skills, gross motor skills, hearing impairment, or vision impairment. Children enrolled in the program can receive transportation, speech and language therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy and other services necessary to help them meet their goals.

Children without disabilities are also enrolled as “Community Kids” to provide typically-developing play partners and peer models. If you would be interested in putting your child on our Community Kid's waiting list please complete the application and return to our Preschool Office.


For information on enrolling your child in the Ravenna Preschool, please go to the Preschool Registration tab under the Navigation section.