Volunteer Recognition

Firefighter of the Year

Nic Handy 2019

Zachary Lewis 2018

David Aguirre 2017

Tim Ralston 2016

David Scott 2015

Aaron Allen 2014

Andrew Clark 2013

Station 251 Dan Parker 2012
Station 252 Julia Pfannenstiel 2012
Station 253 Kyle Monroe 2012

 Dustin Courter 2011

Station 252 Mike Skalisky  2010
Station 253 Alex Wilkinson 2010

Pillow Award
(most volunteer shift hours Established 2019)

Conner Zeray 1096 shift hours in 2020

Connor Zeray 1317 shift hours in 2019

Rookie of the Year

Trenton McCollam and Hayley Camara 2019

Shea Hall   and   Jorge Simental 2018

Brandon Kimbrel 2017

Jack Olson 2016
Ty Mervin 2016
Wyatt Erwin 2016

Nate Moss 2015

Bob Sterner 2014

Station 251 Mike Ziccardi 2013
Station 253 Mai Samhouri 2013

Andrew Clark 2011

Dustin Courter 2010

Life Saving Award

On the morning of Monday, April 2nd 2018, Hector was working at his Security position at his facility in downtown Denver when he heard a commotion on the stairs. He went to investigate and found a co-worker squatting next to an unresponsive male at the top of the stairs, where the coworker said "he's not breathing". Hector immediately stepped in and assessed the man's pulse and breathing, and found him to be without a pulse and apnic. Hector sent for someone to call 911 and get an AED; Hector began providing CPR. When the AED arrived Hector prepared the AED, cleared the patient while and delivered a shock. They resumed compressions and after the two minute mark the AED said "no shock advised". The patient had a return of a pulse and started breathing. Denver Paramedics then arrived and took over patient care. The patient walked out of the hospital 2 weeks later and  after a brief rehab is now home with his family.
EMS Provider of the Year

Connor Zeray 2019

David Scott 2018

Nate Moss 2017

David Quatrochi 2016

Thomas Odenheimer 2015

TJ Jakopec EMT of the Year 2014
*This was the first year for EMT of the Year award

Officer of the Year

Jarrett Hill 2013

Lloyd Standard 2012

 Nathalie Duran 2011