Training Center "We Own The Night"

The RFPD Training Center was completed in July 2009. As the department expanded it was obvious that training in the basement of station 251 was not adequate, we simply needed more room. The training center houses our administration offices, has sleeping quarters for 6 firefighters, a large training room for 55 firefighters, a gym, an ambulance, a brush truck, and of course a top of the line kitchen for our amazing cooks! The training center allowed for the birth of the out of district program. Today we have volunteers that drive from out of district to volunteer. There are between two and four firefighters here almost every night!

Groundbreaking 1/13/2009 (Ed Carrizales, Jim White, Bryan Bowen, Hope Goetz, Robert O'Halloran, David Quatrochi, Terry Carrizales)

Making Progress!

RFPD has some amazing volunteer cooks that provide the firefighters with lunch on our Saturday trainings and food during long fires. To help feed 50 firefighters on training days we decided to build a kitchen with two ovens, two dishwashers, and two refrigerators!

We took this coffee maker off one of our "big engines"

Medic 251


We had to respond to the construction sight when a contractor cut a gas line!

Open for business


The training room has room for 55 firefighters.

Brush 251

Command 253