Station 255

Station 255 is also Elizabeth Fire's station 274. A need for a fire station in the area was in the interest of both departments. We came together and built this station to serve both districts. Station 255 primarily serves the Spring Valley and Thunder Hill neighborhoods. Because Station 273 is just down the road, currently the station is stocked and staffed with Rattlesnake apparatus, Elizabeth's original engine, and FRED. The station is also home to the Fleet Services headquarters that is located in the west building.

Station 255 is located on the west side of the driveway and houses apparatus for both Elizabeth and Rattlesnake as well as the Elbert County Chief's Association rehab unit named "FRED"

Fleet Services is located on the east side of the driveway where our in house mechanics work on fire apparatus from departments throughout the county and some neighboring county departments. 

Engine 255 photo

Engine 255

brush 255 photo

Brush 255

medic 255 photo

Medic 255

support 250 photo

Support 250

The Flag is flying high!

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