Retired Members

These member's have met the minimum criteria for Retiring with Rattlesnake Fire. That means they have vested at least ten years with Rattlesnake Fire and the community. We would not be where we are today if it were not for these dedicated members. This page is newer and we need a lot more photos/bios. If you are a retired member please contact the site administrator with a photo (hopefully in uniform) and your information! You could also swing by for a cup of coffee and get caught up.

Chief 251 Bryan Bowen

Chief Bowen joined Rattlesnake Fire in 2002, and became Chief of the department in 2007. Bryan retired after 15 years with the department in 2107.

Captain 250 Wally Walker

Captain Walker joined Rattlesnake Fire in 1991, and became a Captain in 1997. Captain Walker "retired" with 20 years in 2011 but still orders supplies and gives great insight at training.

Firefighter Lindsay Scaggs joined Rattlesnake Fire in 1999. Lindsay was an avid engineer and has 17 years with Rattlesnake, he retired in 2017.

Firefighter Bryan Pippitt joined Rattlesnake Fire in 1996. Bryan became a Paramedic in 2002. Bryan has 19 years with Rattlesnake and retired in 2015.

Firefighter Julie Woods joined Rattlesnake Fire in 2007. Julie Woods retired after 10 years with the department and is still the department photographer.

Firefighter Mike Haywood joined Rattlesnake Fire in 2006. Mike retired in 2017 with ten years under his belt. Mike was always someone the rookies looked up to.

Firefighter John Bican joined Rattlesnake in 2007. John became a sawyer and still cuts down trees today! John had 10 years of service when he retired in 2017.

Firefighter Amber Craigie joined Rattlesnake Fire in 2008. Amber really enjoyed the EMS and became a Pediatric ER nurse. She retired after 10 years in 2018 to spend more time with her little girl Alissa!

Captain Jarrett Hill joined Rattlesnake Fire in 2006 and became a Captain in 2016. Captain Hill is also a triple master mechanic and established our Fleet Services Division. Captain Hill retired after 15 years of service in 2021.