Burn Permits

Whereas, the Commissioners for the County of Elbert have adopted the Uniform Fire Code and empowered the Fire District to enforce same.

Whereas, the Board of Directors of Rattlesnake Fire District are responsible for establishing policies and procedures.

Now therefore, the Board of Directors of Rattlesnake Fire Protection District of Elbert County, Colorado, establish the following policy:

Open burning is not allowed without a written permit issued by the Fire District. Permits will be issued with the following restrictions:

1. Permits will be issued under suitable weather conditions only (not a red flag day).
2. Wind less than 10 MPH.
3. The location of the burn is to be inspected by a representative from the Fire District prior to the burn and found not to be a hazard to life or property.
4. There must be a 50' radius cleared to bare earth around burn area.
5. A sufficient water source must be present and available throughout the burn.
6. The materials to be burned shall be agricultural in nature.
7. The burn shall be maintained under control at all times.
8. Permit holders must call Dispatch at 303-660-7500, prior to the start of the burn and at the completion of the burn.
9. Items not to be burned are: Construction materials, plastics, household trash, tires, or any hazardous materials.

To get a burn permit call the training center at 303-841-8111 during normal business hours (M-F 7-5), two business days prior to your desired burn date. Please note there is a ten dollar ($10.00) fee for a burn permit.