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KUSA - A lost dog is back home – and she is credited with keeping a man calm during a medical call.

Sam, a border collie, was found by firefighters with Rattlesnake Fire Protection when they came upon a driver who ran out of gas near the Elbert and Douglas County Line.

The lost and confused man in the car suffers from Alzheimer’s. He didn’t know he was 120 miles away in rural Elbert County, or how he came upon the dog.

Firefighters say they’re thankful Sam was there.

“Probably calmed the patient down while he was waiting for someone to come help him,” Rattlesnake Fire Protection’s Division Chief Aaron Craigie said.

Firefighters later learned Sam didn’t belong to the man in the car. This prompted the Rattlesnake Fire Protection District to put out a call to find Sam’s owner.

Matt Summers had been searching for Sam since Friday.

“Honestly, I was pretty mad that he grabbed her,” Summers said, adding that he’s glad Sam ended up helping someone in need.

Summers has had Sam for about nine years.

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The link to the original story is below, we would like to thank 9 News for helping us find Sam's owner. Without their help we may of never had this happy ending to the story.

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