School Board Policy 

Our Board policy is online through a link to NMSBA policy. To find Raton Board Policy, click on School Board Policy above, which will take you to NMSBA policy. Once there, go to on left of page and schroll down to find Raton and double click on folder.  

The Raton Board of Education   meets the 3rd Monday of each month unless otherwise posted.

                 NEA CBA

Board of Education

        L-R  Abraham Elliott, Beaver Segotta, Ted Kamp
        (seated)   Jason Phillips and Kathy Honeyfield 


Raton Public Schools
Board of Education

Ms. Kathy Honeyfield- President 
H- (575) 445-8108 Cell-(575) 445-8145
Elected 2/3/2015, Expires  12/31/2019- 4 yr term- Position 1 

Mr. Ted Kamp- Vice-President 
H- (575) 445-4381 
  Elected 2/3/2015, Expires 12/31/ 2019 – 4 yr term- Position 4 

Mr. Beaver Segotta- Secretary
Cell- (505) 400-9538 
Elected 2/3/2015, Expires 12/31/2019- 4yr term- Position 5 

Mr. Jason Phillips- Member 
E-mail: jasonphillips87740@gmail.com 
H- (575)445-8020 
Elected 2/7/2017 , Expires 12/31/2021- 4 yr. term- Position 3 

 Mr. Abraham Elliott -Member
E-mail: abeelliott@me.com
  Cell-(719) 406-9180 
Elected 5/15/2017, Expires 12/31/ 2019- filled 2 yr term- Position 2 

*Terms begin January 1, of that next year per HB98