Tech Session Rules

Tech Session Rules

and Regulations: 



1. Please NO CURSING. Profanity is ignorance made audible. Keep it clean or
be gone. 

2. If you borrow a tool...Use it properly, clean it,and 

when you are done, put it back where it belongs. 

Don't know where it belongs ? Ask. If it breaks or is damaged let the owner

3. Got parts left over? If you brought it with you then take it home. Oil, replaced brake parts , fenders, transmissions, etc,,,and of course Your Trash!! 

4. Make sure that borrowed tools or parts doesn't accidentally leave with

you...Check your vehicle to make sure there is nothing in it that doesn't belong
to you. 

5. If you check out one of the Clubs Tools or Videos , Please return it within
two weeks. Other members might need to use that tool or video. 


Plan Your Job 


What Parts will you need? 

What Tools will you need to install them? 

Will you need lubricants, cleaning fluids, rags, oil, brake fluid, gaskets, glue,
etc ???? 

If you are planning a major repair call or email and reserve a spot. Don't drive
up with a Hot engine and expect an easy engine pull. Tune ups should be done on a cool engine, valve adjustments must never be done on a hot or even a warm engine. 

The Primary purpose of a Tech Session is to receive Tech help for your

The project is yours and should be funded and supported by you! The Tech Session is not to replace or provide competition for the local VW Repair Shop
but to teach you how to maintain your VW. If the repairs to your vehicle are beyond the scope of our clubs Tech session or you aren't able to preform the mechanical task of repairing your VW ..we can recommend a reputable local VW Repair Shop. 

Please Remember that it is YOUR Responsibility to supply expendables for
your project...Not the person hosting the Tech Session. 


Rare Air VW Club and the Members hosting and assisting Our Monthly Tech

Sessions are not responsible for injuries, or death to personnel or damage to vehicles while Tech Sessions are in progress. All members will be required to
read and sign a copy of these rules and regulations prior to participating in
Tech Session activities. 


Check the Location Page for more info about Next Months Tech Session.