Tech Session Info


The 1st Sat. of each Month....

Starts at 10:00 AM Over at ? 

Ever wanted to learn how to work on your 

own VW???

Well Rare Air Tech Sessions are the best    

way to learn.


Just bring your tired VW and the parts 

you need and we will show you how to fix 


The Primary purpose of a Tech Session is 

to receive Tech help for your project. 

The project is yours and should be 

funded and supported by you! 

The Tech Session is not to replace or 

provide competition for the local VW 

Repair Shop but to teach how to 

maintain your VW.

If the repairs to your vehicle are beyond 

the scope of our clubs 

Tech session or you aren't able to preform 

the mechanical task of repairing your VW ..

we can recommend a reputable local 

VW Repair Shop. 

For directions from your house to the Tech Session
Go to:

The correct address is:

2515 Longleaf Drive

Pensacola, Fl 32526.

For more info Call Don Dorough 

@ 850-748-3238.